How To Colour Your Hair At Home

Written by Serena Durham  June 6th 2012

Many women In London rarely visit a hair salon to have their hair done from there. They have discovered that it is cheaper to do it from the comfort of their home. This also saves them a lot of time which can be used constructively to take care of the children and other household chores. One of the things that these women have decided to do is colour their hair at home. If you are also intending to dye your hair at home, you have two options available: either do it yourself or call a professional mobile hair dresser in London to do it for you.

Colouring the hair yourself need a lot of attention and care. You cannot afford messing around with your hair. Any mistake will leave you disappointed with a colour which you cannot do anything about. For the best results, ensure that you are aware of the best dye for your skin complexion and hair type. There are basically many different types of hair dyes with each colour meant to suit a different complexion, and taste.

Once you manage to choose the right colour to suit your complexion, the next step involves applying it. Do not wash your hair  prior to the application of the hair color. This will ensure that the hair remains strong even after coloring since colouring is a harsh process which can dry the hair and make it prone to cut.

Check the color that you want to achieve as indicated on the side of the box, and read carefully the instructions If you are satisfied that the colour will be achieved by using the hair dye, prepare yourself by putting on the gloves.  This are meant to protect the hands from the dye. Keep a clock nearby to check the processing time. You should not exceed the recommended time. Other materials you will need are a bowl, a hair colouring brush, and it is best to do the process  in the bathroom.

After following the mixing instructions, apply the color evenly and ensure that all the desired hair is applied. Wipe off any color that has been mistakenly applied on the face or ears with a dry tissue. After checking the timer and getting contented with the outcome of the colour, wash off the color for three minutes. Condition the hair to replenish it with the lost moisture.

In case you are not confident that you can do it yourself  on your own, call a mobile hair dresser in London. He/ she will be readily available to colour your hair professionally with the best dye to suit you and give you a new look. Why not call a mobile hair dresser London today for that look you have always desired?

How To Get Salon Quality Highlights At Home in London

Written by Serena Durham  June 6th 2012

If you are a busy mother based in London with little time to spare for a trip to the salon, your hair does not have to suffer .You can still look good by changing the color of your hair. You can highlight it in the comfort of your home by either doing it on your own or employing the services of a mobile hair stylist in London.

Highlighting the hair is one of the best ways in which you can improve on your appearance. If you decide to do it yourself, it is important that you follow the following steps to ensure that you get quality results. If you are not careful with highlighting, you might end up with hair that you would not wish to look at twice.

The first thing that you need to put into consideration is your hair size. This is because the quantity of highlight and mode of application are different for long and short hair. Short hair requires a highlighting kit that has a cap and hook. Long hair requires a brush for applying with.

The next step involves the selection of the highlighting color. One should endeavor to choose a color two times lighter than the hair being highlighted. In case you are doing it yourself, ensure that you have abstained from washing the hair for a few days in order for it to have the coating of the natural hair oil. The highlight should only be used on dry hair.

Ensure that you have covered your shoulders and neck line with protective clothing to protect both the skin and your clothes from getting the highlight accidentally. The hands should be covered with gloves and in case you accidentally get the highlight on the hands, it is advisable to wash off the highlight immediately.

Follow the instructions carefully regarding the timing and rinsing off the color. Ensure that you have conditioned it immediately after and finally you can dry it.

If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, you are free to seek the services of a mobile hair stylist in London. Once you make the necessary call, the mobile hairstylist in London will come to your home and carry out the highlighting procedure. The mobile hairstylist in London uses top quality products which cannot react with your skin. He/she will highlight your hair within one or two hours from the comfort of your home and at an affordable price. Why not the hair highlighting services of a mobile hair stylist in London today?

Why a Mobile hairdresser can help you

Get your hair done at home!

Written by Serena Durham  June 6th 2012

When would someone needs the services of a mobile hairdresser in London? Well, sometimes people just can’t make it to their hairdresser for whatever reason. There are times when people just need a personal service that will come to their homes, instead of them having to travel out. When getting hair cared for at home, living in london is convenient, since there’re many mobile hairdressers to choose from. If people want to get their hair done at home professionally, they can choose a mobile hair stylist. London has a variety of talented hairdressers that would be happy to make home visits.

There are many reasons why people would use such services. If someone is ill, pregnant or has small child at home having their hair done at home is a great idea. There are many advantagesand here are a few

1.Parents with small children at home don’t have to pay a baby sitter

Parents with small children don’t have to worry about getting a baby sitter just to get a hair cut, colour, permanent or highligts. Having their own personal hairdresser, saves time and allows parents to care for children without having to pay babysitting fees. Parents can still watch children while enjoying a personal service.

2. It might be less expensive than the regular salon

Hairdressers that come to you at home don’t pay for, rent, heating,  electricity or other bills that they must pay if they work in a salon. This can work out better for clients when getting their hair styled. London rents can be high, so clients may pay less for home hair care services. But a personal service done for clients at home is very convenient and and personalized no matter the cost. Clients get special attention which is worth a lot in the end.

4. Saves time when having hair coloured

Having the hair coloured and highlighted can take two hours or more. Most people don’t enjoy having to sit in a hair salon for that amount of time. Having a mobile hairdresser come to the home surely saves a whole lot of time.

5. No more all day appointments

Hair dressing appointments can take half a day or more. Even when clients have a appointments sometimes  it doesn’t matter. People who work all day, then have to go to an evening appointment would appreciate having their hair done at home. Mobile hairdressers in london, offer hair cutting, colouring, permanents and all hair care services.