In The Memory of Guy Mascolo

The name of Gaetano “Guy” Mascolo is strictly connected to the one of his brother, Toni Mascolo. Together, adolescents, they helped their father at his hairdressing salon in Scafati (Naples), but soon at the age of 20 they founded in UK their own company that today represents one of the most successful hairdressing businesses in the whole world.


Toni and Guy opened their first salon in 1963 in Clapham, London with the simple and modest aim to keep their family together, surely unaware that their small project would lead to a huge chain of hairdressing salons all over the world.
When they were 10 and 12 the whole family moved to London, considered by their father Franco “the capital of the world”. But unluckily, they lost their mother aged 45, because of some complications after a gall bladder operation and it was hard for their father, devastated, to take care of his five children. For this reason, aged 18 and 20 decided to build a business to support the family, to keep them always together and to permit the youngest brothers to continue studying.
They worked almost 18 hours a day, seven days a week, earning never enough.
Nevertheless, thanks to their tenacity and diligence and the help of special people, like for example Toni’s wife Paula who worked in their salon from the very beginning, their business started to work finally.

It was in August 2009 that a terrible tragedy hit the family: Guy died aged 65, of a heart attack in his house in Dallas.
It completely destroyed Toni, as they were very close, not just brothers but real friends, above all after the foundation of their first salon, as they spent every second of their life together, just the two of them, with the aim of fighting to save the family.

Toni and his beloved brother Guy (Toni&Guy) can count 480 salons in the organisation, with more than 260 just in the United Kingdom. They have salons everywhere: in Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. Next year they will open even in Nepal. Toni&Guy is proud of clients such as Diana Ross and The Rolling Stones, as well as of its 55 British Hairdressing Awards in many categories including British Hairdresser of the Year and Best British Artistic Team.
What’s more, they have more than 8000 people as employees and an annual turnover of £ 175 million.
Toni is aged 72 today and he still cuts hair, because he loves it and has he said, he has no choice, it is the only thing he can do.

How To Be a Mobile Hairdresser

Mobile hairdressing services continue to soar in global popularity. From hairstylists to traditional barbers, these experts have years of extensive industry experience. Whether you need haircuts, coloring, perms, or last minute dye jobs, they have the tools and experience to make you look and feel great. Freelancers hairdresser have tapped into this market by providing mobile hairdressing services. Whether at the office or at home, they arrive in a timely and professional manner. No matter the style you seek, they can truly meet your needs within time and budget. With more freelance hairdressers on the market than ever before, how does one build a lucrative mobile based hair styling service?


How to be a mobile hairdresser – source


What is a Freelance or Mobile Hairdresser?

Like the name suggests, freelance and mobile hairdressers take their respective businesses on the road,  they do not work in a salon, and the are able to make a living by providing mobile hair styling services. This is not much different from mobile tailors or clothiers that offer services to exclusive clientele. The difference with mobile hairstylists, however, is that they cater to all residential and commercial clients. This includes customers that are tired of waiting at local salons for hairstylists and barbers. Mobile services are affordable and also great for clients who are pressed for time. As part of any styling or haircut job, the freelancer offers a range of styles and professionally cleans up after the job is finished.

How tough is the Competition between Traditional Salons and Freelance Hairdressers?

Like any industry or niche, there is always competition available. With mobile hair design services on the rise, traditional salons have stepped up their efforts in attracting and engaging new and existing clients. In order to be successful in this challenging and fast pace industry, your services have to be impeccable. Your rates also have to meet customer needs within time and budget. Most of all, visibility is the key to securing recurring business and client patronage as traditional salon have fancy windows mobile hairdresser have not. With traditional salons now offering daily and weekly discounts, you must stay abreast of all the latest styles and genres in order to remain competitively viable. According to industry experts, freelance hairstylists must be willing to start off small in order to gain wider exposure and establish brand awareness.

Promotional Costs

In order to successfully market your mobile hair design services, you must have a strong campaign. This includes social media integration, along with optimized sites or blogs that appear in local search results. Mobile and traditional marketing techniques may also be costly; however, guarantee results as you build and grow your freelance hairdressing operation. Most believes that mobile hairdressers do not have many overheads but promotion is going to be a major expense for a business that do have high street window.

Hairdresser for Hospitalised, Elderly and House Bound People.

Mobile hairdressing services continue to soar in global popularity. From the latest haircut styles to coloring and perms, mobile hairdressers have years of experience and are committed to excellence in all jobs. They also have the tools and expertise to make you look and feel great. No truer is this than when it comes to clients that are elderly, homebound, or recently hospitalized. Due to the immobility of these individuals, they simply cannot make it to their local hair salons or stylists. As a result, they rely on mobile hairstylists to cut their hair at home or even at hospitals or private healthcare centers.


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Mobile Hairdressing Services

In the past, mobile hairdressers mainly facilitated busy professionals and clients. While this is still true, they now offer a full suite of services catered for senior citizens and elderly patients. This includes haircuts, along with blow drying, perms, coloring, and even hair dying. As always, mobile stylists are punctual and will work around a range of schedules. Their services have also received stellar reviews from past and present clients. At cost-affordable rates, mobile hairstyling services are guaranteed to make patients look and feel fresh. In fact, these services not only brighten up their day, but can encourage them to be happy despite their current predicaments.

Mobile Hairdresser Appointments

Due to the growing demand of mobile hairdressing services, it is advised to make appointments as soon as possible. Most slots get filled up pretty fast during the week. Whether for homebound or elderly citizens, mobile hairdressers truly care about their customers. In fact, they treat each customer like family, and help them select a style that best meet their needs. Just because many elderly citizens are homebound or in wheelchairs does not mean they are permanently immobilized. In fact, the right haircut can spruce up their look, while making them feel wonderful about themselves and life in nature. Even with busy weekly schedules, most hairdressers are also willing to clear some slots just to make elderly customers happy.

Special Needs Customers

Mobile hairdressers also facilitate special needs customers. These are usually customers that are wheelchair or bedbound. As always, mobile stylists will work with caretakers to ensure their client needs are fully met across the board. Similarly, they will work with nurses and other care providers provide the best haircuts and styles for their customers. Whether as surprise gifts or simple hygiene, mobile hairdressers are always available for elderly patients. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to secure their services in a timely and professional manner. For more information please click here.

Mobile Highlights and Cut Review

Name: Sophie

Location: North London

Profession: Financial Analyst

Age: 28

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Have You Used A Mobile Hairdresser Before: In a way, yes. I had a friend of mine who used to do my braids for me. But then I got this big job in this big company and I could afford going to a professional hairstylist. I am the kind of person who would try different kinds of hairdressers, so I wouldn’t say I have one particular salon I go to. Then I stumbled upon your website as I was going about reviewing different hairdressers. I have never tried a professional hairdresser on wheels, so I thought your idea to be quite unique.

Why Did You Choose This Service: It was out of necessity and circumstances. I had just had a baby and I knew I had to be a full-time mom for months. This meant no time for my salon pampering and to be honest, I was frantic about this. Then it hit me, I had seen your website before and I decided to give it a try. I must say getting my hair done at the comfort of my home is really convenient. And your hairdressers are nice; they didn’t mind the several interruptions I had to make to go check on my baby girl.

Services: I am a fan of highlights so I stick to those most of the times. I also loved the family pampering pack which meant both me and my hubby could get our hairs done right at home. And still spend the time with our baby.

Would You Come Back For More: Absolutely! It is purely out of the convenience I get. I will definitely request a hairdresser on those days I am too lazy to drive out to a salon. Your hairdressers are quite friendly too and having someone to chat with while making your hair kind of brings back that old feeling I had with my friend.


Hair Stylist Review

Name: Richa

Location: North West London

Profession: PR Specialist

Age: 32

Nice Hair Band


Have you used mobile hairdresser services in the past: No. I usually go to the nearest hair salon when time permits; however, my preferred stylist no longer works there. Due to my hectic schedule, I was drawn to the convenient mobile services you offer. I can honestly say I am happy with the styling services I received from the comfort of my home.

Why you have chosen this service:As a Public Relations specialist, I have a tedious and time consuming schedule. This leaves me little to no time for area salons. Since I deal with countless clients and the public at large, I need to look my best at all times.

As a result, I chose your London mobile hairdressing services for the convenience that it offers. I received a trendy and fashionable haircut at home, and it was truly styled to perfection. I look and feel great and will definitely use your unique and cutting edge services again!

Services Rendered:The cut and blow-dry services were exactly what I was looking for. Your stylist was also knowledgeable on all the latest looks and hair designs. I will definitely request your colouring services the next time around

Will you use our hairdressing services again?

Absolutely! As I mentioned before, I love the convenience of having a professional hair cut from the comfort of my home or office. Your services were impeccable, and your rates simply cannot be beat. The stylist was also punctual, friendly, and offered a myriad of hair styling options and choices to select from. This is a great alternative to pricey hair salons, and I don’t have to worry about waiting in line for a barber or stylist anymore. I was also able to secure an appointment without any hassles or delays. Not only will I use your mobile London hairdresser services again, I will recommend your business to all my clients, loved ones and friends. Thanks so much!


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Mobile Hair Extension in London

Hair extensions continue to soar in popularity in London. Like the name suggests, these stylish accessories help hair look fuller, longer, and thicker. They are also easy to apply and simple to remove when not in use. Hair extensions help women look and feel great. They also boost their confidence at work or play. While hair extensions are made from real hair, other popular types include remy and even synthetic versions. No matter which type of extension you need, you are guaranteed to look dazzling at social gatherings or a night on the town. The best part of extensions is that they save a lot of time. In fact, so many women simply apply them as opposed to lengthy and pricey hair spa treatments.

Shibuya 109 - real human hair extensions!

Hair extension in London – source

Mobile Hairdressing Services

In recent years, mobile services have truly impacted a number of industries. Today, there are several commercial fields and sectors that utilize and reap the awards of mobile services. This includes the hair extension and hairdressing industry, which facilitates the needs of countless customers across London. With a mobile hairdresser, you are guaranteed timely and punctual services. With years of extensive industry experience, these experts understand all the latest styles, trends, and genres. Whether you need hair coloring, trimming, cuts, highlights, or cost-efficient hair extensions, your stylist will make you look a million bucks!

Mobile Hair Extension Benefits

There are other benefits of using mobile hair extension services as well. For one, it is much cheaper than and more convenient than going to a salon. While salons and spas are certainly elegant and lavish, the waiting times can be tedious and frustrating. You also have to schedule an appointment with your favorite hair stylist or dresser. Depending on the current holiday schedule, he or she may not even have available appointments. Instead of time consuming and pricey services, why not enjoy professional hairstyling from the comfort of your own home? With personalized consultations and service, hair extension professionals will truly achieve your desired results.

Experience the Difference

If you truly want to save money this holiday season, mobile hairdressers will meet your needs within time and budget. Not only are they on time, they are also available for emergenciesl. This includes styling for last minute banquets or romantic candlelight dinners. With mobile services, you can also save on gas, driving, and commuting costs. The best part is that you have several hair extension styles, colors, and textures to choose from. This means you can secure a fresh and new look every time you step out of the house.

More info about hair styles.

For other articles about looking good with long and short hair and what celebrities do with their hairs check here.

Natural Colour Hairdresser in London

The Advantages of Using Natural or “Free From Chemicals” Hair Coloring

Although the world of hair care products keeps growing every year, little is being done to promote organic hair care. When it comes to hair coloring products, for example, most modern hair dyes are cheap and they contain chemicals that are harmful to overall health. Most people reach for these fast hair colouring solutions because without a second thought as to what kind of chemicals they could contain. If you are mindful of your health there are organic solutions for hair colouring. One of the most popular is henna.

2014-10-03 13.38.28

allergy free and ammonia free hair colouring products in London used by our mobile hairdresser

Henna is a tree that grows naturally is some parts of Asia. When its leaves and twigs are dried and crushed they form henna powder that can be formulated into a dye that can be applied both to skin and to hair. The colour tint it leaves ranges from orange to dark maroon. It has been used by Asian women for hundreds of years and it has been proven to be safe.

The advantages of using Henna for hair colours

There are several benefits of using this natural hair dye:

• The first and most obvious is that you never have to worry about your hair and your scalp getting in contact with harmful chemicals. It doesn’t matter how often you dye your hair with henna; you will not experience any side effects.

• Completely pure henna is a great conditioner for hair. Make it into a thick paste and apply from the roots to the tips of your hair. Wear a shower cap to keep it from drying out. Rinse out after an hour and you will have soft, shiny hair that is well conditioned and doesn’t tangle.

• Henna is great for dandruff control. Just wash your hair and then apply henna paste on the scalp and let it stay on for a while. A few treatments will get rid of dandruff and leave your hair with a beautiful tint.

Using free from Ammonia, resorcinol, and paraben hair colours

As already mentioned, most hair dyes contain chemicals that have negative side effects over time. Ammonia, resorcinol and parabens are the most common, harmful ingredients. Here is what you can expect if you buy products that contain these chemicals.

• Ammonia can be irritating to the scalp and if not carefully applied can even leave burns. In addition to that, it damages your hair because it opens the shaft allowing chemicals to travel through.

• Resorcinol is a chemical that is used to formulate treatments for acne, corns and callousness. It causes skin peel and it can irritate the scalp. If your scalp is peeling you may start to experience hair loss.

• Parabens are said to be the source of some cancers. While there is no conclusive proof that they are, many manufacturers are nor replacing them with other chemicals that they consider safer.

These are not the only chemicals that are considered unsafe. Common ingredients like lead acetate are pretty common in men’s hair products and it accumulates in the bones and can cause cancer. Using henna will help you avoid all these risks.

More reviews for our hairdressing service in London

We keep getting amazing reviews for our services in London, here below we share one for you to read:


How was the overall experience?  Kyoko was very professional and responded promptly to my whatsapp inquiry for a booking – it was so easy!

Was she punctual? She arrived on time with all hairdressing tools required including a cover up for my floor.

What did you need to do to accommodate the hairdresser? The only preparation required was to wash my hair. I expressed that I wanted an easy to maintain cut and loosely described what I wanted but mainly left the detail to her.

Describe your experience: During the haircut, Kyoko was very friendly but professional and was careful to ensure all hair cut fell onto the cover up. The cut included a blow dry which transformed the shape of my hair – I was very pleased with the result and it has been easy to replicate by myself. (Not as good as a professional blow dry but much better than my previous hair cut!)

In summary, I am extremely pleased with the result, and it was all so easy to arrange, and in the comfort of my own home.

Thank you!


„Ugye hát a hátnak”

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海外の美容室に行って、思い通りの髪形にならなかった経験はありませんか?それもそのはず。アジア人と欧米人は、髪質やスタイリングの好みが全く違うため、それぞれに見合ったカットやスタイリングの技術が必要なのです。Scissor Paper Rock hairdresserは、日本人の髪質に合わせたヘアスタイルをロンドンにてご提供しています。ロンドンにご滞在の日本人の方、ぜひ当店へお電話ください。日本人の髪質や好みを知り尽くした経験豊富なスタイリストが、カット、ブロー、カラーリング、ハイライトのサービスをご提供致します。大人の方はもちろん、お子様もご利用頂けます。

asian hair styling in London

asian hair styling in London – source

Scissor Paper Rock hairdresserは出張ヘアサロンで、通常の美容室サービスを、ご自宅でくつろぎながら、かなりお得な料金でご堪能頂けます。しかも、完全予約制なので、待ち時間がありません。また、毎回あなたの担当スタイリストがサービスをご提供致します。通常の美容室では、担当スタイリストが退職した場合、新たに別のスタイリストを指名しなければなりませんが、当店ではご予約の度に、ご希望のスタイリストがお伺い致します。忙しくて外出する時間のない方や、小さなお子様がいる方にも、とても便利です。また、病気や怪我で外出できない方やご高齢の方も、ぜひご利用ください。当店のスタイリストがご自宅へ伺い、あなたにピッタリのヘアスタイルをご提供致します。