End Of Summer Hair Care

At the end of summer, our hair is often left slightly damaged, dry and brassy. During the sunny months we all tend to put our tresses through some serious damage – weather it’s from the sun itself or through styling tools, to the sea and chlorine from your summer holiday and even with all of those extra styling products you use to keep your hair frizz free and to protect it from humidity.

So now that it’s coming to the end of summer in the UK, what can we do to repair our hair and get it healthy for autumn?

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! – After the sun, sea and chlorine have dried out your locks, give it a little TLC with some extra moisture. Moroccanoil is a favourite of many people, as it can be used on both dry and damp hair. Add a couple of drops to the palm of your hand and apply to hair avoiding roots but concentrating on the dried out ends. Your hair will be smoother and the ends moisturised. Treat your hair to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner such as Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo – it deeply hydrates thirsty, damaged hair as well as plumping up skinny strands. If you have coloured hair this shampoo is completely safe!

Bye Bye Product Build Up – Every now and again, using a clarifying shampoo will help detox the hair and get rid of any product build up. Without even realising it, in the summer we often use extra styling products to keep our hair frizz free, in place and to protect it from humidity. All of these products can build up on the hair making it harder to style, and often making it lank. Chlorine from swimming pools also adds to product build up as it can leave a coating on the hair. Try not to use this too often though, as over using it can completely strip the hair.

An Extra Treat – deep treatments are great when your hair is feeling dry, damaged or simply just a bit too frazzled! Apply a deep treatment section by section after washing your hair. Doing this in the shower is great too as the steam can help it to penetrate right into the hair shaft. Macadamia Deep Repair Mask is brilliant for post summer care.

Gentleness is Key – so through the summer, we probably weren’t all that gentle on the hair – backcombing, curling tongs for beach waves, and extra washing due to the heat and swimming. Remember that when your hair is wet, it’s at its weakest point and more susceptible to damage. For gentle detangling after washing hair, try a Tangle Teezer starting from the ends of the hair and making your way to the roots. This way, tangles aren’t dragged down from the roots to the tips of the hair which can snap very easily. If your hair gets tangled easily after a shower, invest in a leave in conditioning spray. This will add a good boost of conditioner and smooth the strands allowing you to gently comb.

Time For a Change – Autumn is the time to change your colour. Highlights can become brassy when exposed to sun so for autumn why not try a richer shade. If you’re blonde, go for gold, toffee or caramel, and if you’re brunette, try auburn or chestnut. For a quick fix of those brassy tones for blondes, try a Silver Shampoo – the purple hue of the shampoo counteracts any yellow tones. It’s a great way to freshen up your colour in between salon visits. It’s also a good time to get a trim. The first part of our hair to show signs of damage from the summer are the very ends of the strands – they become dry, frizzy and split. The best way to get rid of the problem is to go for a trim. If you leave them, each strand will continue to split further up the hair making it appear even frizzier as well as snapping off completely!

Remember, if you need to get that little bit extra cut off, you can always invest in some clip in hair extensions for those special occasions when you want long locks!

Laura is a hair and beauty writer with extensive knowledge in Beauty, Makeup and hair care.

How to get the best haircut from your hairdresser

Just a trim please…

A trip to the hairdressers should be a great experience: laying back and being pampered and preened until, an hour or two later, you leave looking like a goddess. Sadly, it doesn’t always work like that. We’ve all had a horror haircut that leaves us crying in the corner of the bathroom, unwilling to leave the house. But what is it that can cause the salon experience to go so drastically wrong? Well, we put it down to a breakdown in communication. Describing that perfect haircut to your stylist can be difficult. So we’ve compiled some top tips to help you explain exactly what you want.

1. Visual aids

One of the best things you can do is to take a picture, or better still, a few pictures of the style you’re after. If you can’t find the perfect snap take a few that represent different components of your dream do: “A fringe like this, graduated like this and this colour,” is far more welcome to your stylist than a vague attempt to describe a complicated haircut without any pictures to show exactly what you mean.

2. Be realistic

This is a common stumbling block that can lead to a disastrous do. If you want hair like Beyonce when yours is fine and flat, let’s face it, you’re going to be disappointed! Be realistic about your hair type, your face shape and also about the time you have to style your hair. If you end up with a style that takes an hour to perfect every morning, you may fall out of love with it pretty quickly! We all have hair envy from time to time but it’s better to make the most of what you’ve got than to try to achieve the unattainable.

3. Learn the lingo

If you’re wanting something a bit more involved than a straightforward trim, it’s well worth brushing up on your hairdressing terms or simply giving some thought as to what you are going to say. Be absolutely specific in every instruction you give. Telling your stylist that your hair “needs a good trim” might mean 2cm to you but 6cm to them: give an exact amount of hair that you want cutting off. Saying you’d “like to try a fringe” could result in something very different to “a blunt fringe that rests on my eyebrows”. Never be embarrassed or shy at the hairdressers, this is the style you will have to live with for the next few months! Be as clear and direct as possible.

4. Take charge

Us Brits aren’t very good at making a fuss but if you’re sitting in the stylists chair and things aren’t being done as you would like, you must say something. If you’re nervous before a new do, say so, and your hairdresser will take it slowly and talk you through what they are about to do. If you aren’t happy with your final cut, calmly explain this to your hairdresser. They will do everything they can to make sure you leave the salon with a do you are happy with.



Celebrity Women Hairstyles: Lessons Learned

Whether they like it or not, celebrities are scrutinized in everything they do. If they go to the grocery store without makeup, it is plastered on the front cover of US weekly. If a celebrity wears something less than flattering to the park, Perez Hilton is blogging about it the very same day.

The positives are also praised as well. If a celebrity has a flat stomach 4 weeks after having a baby, everyone wants to know how she managed the impossible. All of America wants to know how Gwenyth Paltro gets such glowing skin and what kind of makeup the Kardashian women use. Whether we want to admit it or not, a lot of our style comes from watching celebrities. This goes for hair as well.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are some hair styles that cause women to rip pictures out of magazines to take to their hairdressers and ask for exactly what is on the page. You know you’ve all done it. Then there are the others. You know what I’m talking about. The styles that make you think their stylist maybe had a bit too much to drink the night before.

I Want That – Celebrity Hairstyles That the Rest of us Want

• The Halle Berry Short Crop. This is a stunning cut that made every women think to themselves, “I wish I was brave enough to pull that off.” This look was praised by all the fashion gurus and still remains a strong style years later.

• The Michelle Williams Pixie. Speaking of short hair, this is also an iconic hairstyle. It is wispy, soft and looks effortless. If you are in the market for short hair, this is definitely a style to think about.

• The Zooey Deshanel Blunt Fringe. Fringe is all the rage nowadays. Zooey’s dramatic look has caught on like wildfire. It is distinct, sexy and sophisticated, yet youthful looking. If you want fringe but are afraid to do something as bold as Zooey, you can cut narrow bangs with less bulk.

• The Kim Kardashian Long Layered Look. Long hair with multiple layers is an iconic look that has been around for ages. Kim knows how to rock this style by keeping the layers soft and angled. Her rich color and shine add to the look and make it one that is coveted by many.

Styles that Leave Us Wondering if They Own Mirrors

• The Kate Gosselin Spikey Look. I hesitate to call Kate Gosselin a celebrity, but her crazy look from Jon & Kate Plus 8 had all of America scratching their head, wondering if somehow her hair got caught in a lawnmower.

• The Snooki Bump. Everyone wants a little bit of body in their hair, but Snooki’s over-the-top bump was just that – over the top. She could have been hiding anything in that’s rat’s nest. Maybe that’s where the condoms she should have been using were hiding.

• The Britney Spears Baldie. This might not even classify as a hairstyle because, well, there’s no hair. Britney had a meltdown and shaved off all her hair. Please don’t follow suit. If you sense a meltdown coming, grab a cocktail, not the scissors.

There are countless looks that celebrity women show off that the rest of America loves and craves. There are also countless looks that leave us hoping they have an honest friend who will tell them to fire their stylist. Modern technology allows us to see these looks instantly, whenever we want, and judge for ourselves if they should be on a best or worst list.

Britney Spears

Britney – source

By Jamie Bailey

Jamie enjoys writing about fashion and style. She also writes for various cosmetology schools in Utah. She loves to spot new trends and experiment with her own looks as well.


Hair volume “Big and beautiful!”

Hair with volume and bounce never goes out of style and beautiful big hair is definitely on trend right now. Whether it’s Kate Middleton’s perfect, glossy blow-dry or Cheryl Cole’s gorgeous flowing locks, there’s no doubt that big hair is “having a moment”. So if your hair is rather less than your crowning glory and it needs a bit of a boost in the volume department, check out these great tips to put the oomph back into your do.


add volume to your hair – source

1. Roll it up!

Velcro rollers have long been used to boost volume, and work well on hair of any length. Once you’ve blow dried your hair with a volumising product, simply section the hair, spritz the roots with hairspray and wrap around a roller- no need to mess around with clips. You can do a whole head of rollers or just use a few at the crown, depending on your desired look. Once rolled, give your hair a quick blast with your hairdryer on the hottest setting and then leave to cool before you carefully unwrap for an instant volume boost!

2. Crimp ‘n’ go!

Check out this great new product for fine-haired lovelies who feel like they’ve tried everything! A heated appliance, this is essentially a mini crimper, only around 2cm wide, that is used to crimp the roots of the hair, thereby boosting volume. The top section of hair needs to be left untouched in order to cover the crimped sections and it takes a bit of practice to perfect the look but it’s definitely worth a try!

3. Cutting it!

Make sure you get the basics right! Fine hair can be made to look fuller with the right cut and colour so speak to your stylist about the best options for you. Short blunt cuts can work really well or, if you love your long locks, longer layers to add movement and body will perk up your lank locks. Most importantly, make sure your hair is regularly trimmed: If there’s one thing that looks worse than fine hair, it’s fine hair with split ends!

4. Backcomb baby!

While backcombing is not a daily fix, for hot nights out it can create a fantastic, big-hair look. Start at the crown and take small sections of hair. Use short strokes to minimise damage and make sure you smooth over a top layer of hair to make your do look sleek and glossy- we’re not going for the bird’s nest look here! Hairspray to fix and you’re good to go!

5. Style it up!

Styling products can make a difference to fine, flat hair, and there are certainly plenty on the market. A good volumising shampoo and conditioner is worth an investment and, used over time, will make a long-term difference to the fullness of your hair. Whichever styling product your use; mousse, volumising spray or crème, makes sure you use it on hair which is at least 75% dry, so as not to dilute the product. Massage it well into the roots and tip your head upside down as you dry for an extra root boost.

So, even though it might feel like a constant battle for us fine-haired babes, give these ideas a try to transform your locks from limp to lovely!




A quick guide to short hair

To crop or not to crop?

We’ve all been there. You’ve spent years growing your hair into a luscious long mane. You’ve gone through that awkward in-between phase, you’ve kept up with the regular trims, you’ve endured the hour-long blow dry regime every morning and then suddenly, everybody’s going for the chop. This season it’s all about sexy short dos and perfect pixie crops but are you brave enough to take the plunge and lop off your locks? Here are a few reasons why we reckon you should!

Day 133/365 Short Hair

shorter hair are easier to maintain – source 

1. You’ll stand out from the crowd.

Beautiful long hair can be stunning of course but, let’s face it, it’s a bit boring. A gorgeous short do will instantly make you seem cool and confident. Remember when Emma Watson wowed us with her gamine crop after years of bland long hair? Since then she’s been catapulted from pretty plain-Jane to über-trendy fashionista, modelling for the likes of Lancôme and Burberry, and we put it all down to her decision to go for the chop. We know, Emma Watson could carry off any look with her perfect features, so look to Michelle Williams or Anne Hathaway for a softer version with a longer, face-framing fringe and height at the crown. Individual, unique and gorgeous!

2. You’ll save loads of time.

Short hair is loads easier to style and it always looks thick and healthy. No more straggly ends or flat limp locks, cropped hair definitely has the edge when it comes to maintenance. Worried a crop won’t be as versatile? Just think back to Dannii Minogue’s stint on the X-Factor when she sported a different do every week; it’s just a case of getting to know which products work best. Texturising wax will give you that undone bed-head look; back-combing powder creates sexy 60s-style volume and go for a shine serum to give great gloss.

3. There’s one out there for you.

There’s a short style that will suit every hair type and face shape, it’s just a question of finding it. Look out for styles in magazines or on the internet and speak to your stylist about what will suit you best. If you’re struggling to muster up the courage to chop it all off, a bob is a great option, and not quite as scary! If you want to go sleek and gown-up, think Rose Byrne’s glossy bob with a heavy blunt fringe that caught everybody’s attention on the red carpet. Or if sexy and mussed-up is more your thing, channel Pixie Lott’s shaggy layered bob for a low-maintenance, high-sex appeal look.

We know it’s one thing to gaze in envy at the beautifully cropped locks of celebs but it’s quite another to actually grit your teeth and go for it yourself. But do your research, be brave and watch as you turn into the local style icon. And remember, while we all know how traumatic a bad haircut can be, it will always grow back!

If you need your hair cut short and you live in London, give a call yo our mobile hairdresser, she will be happy to do a free consultation over the phone regarding what would most suit you. The Mobile hairdresser is open 7 days a week and can visit to most areas in central London

Helpful Tips For Colouring Your Hair At Home

Making the decision to start colouring your hair at home using hair care products purchased from your local drug store or department store can have many advantages as well as disadvantages. For starters, colouring your own hair is a very affordable choice. Most at home hair colouring products cost anywhere from $4 up to $13 depending on the brand that you choose and any extras that the product may contain such as highlights or a special conditioning formula that will help to protect your hair from damage. While this is a very small amount of money to spend in comparison to the price of getting your hair professionally dyed, many times first time users will have difficulties with finding the right shade or something will go wrong with the application process leaving their hair with uneven tones. That is why it is best to do a little research beforehand if you are new to the world of do-it-yourself hair colouring  Here are some helpful tips that will assist you with choosing the right shades for your hair type and making sure that you get the best results possible.

 Selecting the colour

When you are selecting your colour  it is important that you never go more than two shades lighter or darker than what your current hair colour is. Failure to do so may cause you to end up with results that look nothing like what you had expected, which ends up being a waste of both your time and money. At home hair care products are pre-mixed unlike the products that a beautician would use at a salon which makes it near impossible for most people to get the exact results that they had hoped for every time. The best way to ensure that you get as close as possible to the shade that is on the box is by following this rule.

Permanent or semi-permanent?

Wondering if you should go with Semi-Permanent or Permanent hair colour  If you are nervous about dyeing your own hair or you do not want to commit to a particular colour for a long period of time then semi-permanent hair colour may be the best choice for you. These products work great for those afraid of colour commitment however with these products you will typically only be able to go a few shades darker than your current hair colour or help to cover up grays without any drastic hair changes. If you want your hair to have a completely new look most experts would suggest going with a permanent hair dye.


If you aren’t new to dyeing your own hair but would still like to try something new to ensure that your hair remains healthy you may want to pick up some additional moisturising creams and conditioners to use that will help to repair all of the damage that your hair has gone through over the years of constant hair colour applications. While there are some good moisturising and hair repair products available at most drug stores, you may want to also visit your local beauty supply store and pick up some professional grade conditioner to use after you colour  These products will leave your hair feeling soft and silky with more volume and strength all while keeping your colour from fading too quickly. Some great conditioners and masques to try include Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair Masque, Ion Color Defense Leave-in Protector and Nothing but Intense Healing Mask.


hair colours – image source

Sandra Hamilton writes for Lifesure Beauty Insurance. Sandra has had many years of blogging experience on a wide range of topics including health and beauty.

The Perfect Hair Color For You

The perfect hairstyle is seldom complete without the perfect hair color. But a lot of people are confused in choosing the right color of their hair. These are several tips and rules of thumbs that apply in selecting the color that will look best on you:

First of all, keep in mind the rule of skin tones. Your hair color should compliment your skin tone. There are two types of tones: warm and cool. You have warm skin tone if you have olive or darker skin with yellow or golden undertone. Most Asians, African-Americans and Latinas have this tone. You have cool skin tone if you have fairer skin with a pink or blue undertone. If you are still looking at your skin, completely dazed about your tone, here is another trick: look at the veins in your inner wrists under natural light.  If the veins are green, you are ‘warm’; if they are blue, you are ‘cool’.

Once you have identified your skin tone, you can start looking for the hair color to compliment your skin. Warm skin tones should go for shades of gold. Golden colors include bronze, copper, and caramel. However, never go too light with golden hues because your hair can turn orange. Warm skin can go blonde, but it should be done with a professional due to its delicateness. Ash and cool brown shades look best on cool skin tones. You can also try jet black and cooler blonde tones. Never use warm color for your hair because it can make you look strained and sickly. Those with very red skin should refrain from going light blond or red to avoid the exaggeration of the color of their skin. They should, instead, go for soft but warm shades that can dilute the redness of their skin.

You can also determine the type of clothes and jewelries that look best on you – it can help you when it comes to choosing the right color. People who look good wearing red and yellow hues (such as orange, gold, olive, and rust) will also look good in gold-toned hair color such as strawberry blonde and golden brown. If shades of blue, green and pink fits you perfectly, cool colors such as ash blonde and platinum will be work on your hair.

Deciding on making your hair either darker or lighter is the next question. Another rule of thumb: never go more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. Darker hair can look very beautiful because it can show off your complexion better and can accent your eyes effectively. However, going too dark will make your hair and its color seem artificial, and can emphasize darkness under your eyes, making you look worn and stressed. Lighter hair is beautiful, too. It can lighten up the face and make you look cheerful. Beware, though: do not get hooked in making your hair lighter and lighter. You must know just what the right shades of blond are for your skin tone or you will end up looking like a ghost.

Last thing, you can always use the help of a professional hair designer to determine your best matching color.

how to colour your hair


Controlling Your Naturally Curly Hair

Having all natural curls is something that those who have it should be proud of, however many people despise their curly mane because of how hard it is to control. Maintaining your natural curls does take some time and patience but it is not impossible. Here are some no-frizz tips that will help you to get your gorgeous hair under control.

Keep your Split Ends Trimmed Away

Our hair becomes frizzy and unmanageable when split ends are present. The best way to put an end to troublesome split ends is to have your hair trimmed once every six to eight weeks. You do not have to get a major haircut each time, just trimming away the ends will do the trick. If you can’t afford to go to your usual expensive salon this often, you may want to choose a good discount beauty shop for this quick and simple routine trim up job.

Cut Down on Shampooing Your Hair

In order to keep your curls under control they need the help of the natural oils that are produced by your scalp which helps to cut down on the frizz factor. Washing your hair with shampoo more than four times per week will cause you to lose the benefits of these essential oils and do more harm than good to your natural curls. On the off days, simply rinse your hair out in the shower and use your regular conditioner.

Speaking of Conditioner, Use a Large Amount!

The more moisture your hair has the better off it will be. As curls become dry it is essential to add more conditioner to your hair washing routine in order to cut down on the frizz. You should never skip on using conditioning products and avoid the 2-in-1 Shampoos and Conditioners because they do not typically contain enough to maintain your curls. You should always massage in your conditioner from the root of your hair to tip and leave it in for around two minutes before you rinse it out. Using a deep conditioning product at least once per week will also help you when it comes to controlling unruly curls.

Use a Comb instead of a Brush

If you want to have more control over your curls you should choose to use a wide toothed comb instead of a typical hairbrush. A comb will be able to separate your curls and help you to style your hair in the exact way you want it. Brushing your hair, especially while it is still wet, will cause your hair to break easily which means more split ends. For best results ditch the brush and invest in some good quality wide toothed combs instead.

Minimize the Amount of Heat you apply to your Hair

Heated styling tools can be tempting to use especially if they can help straighten out your hair and give you a brand new look. But the heat from hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons can contribute to drying out your hair, making it damaged and brittle. This can lead to more split ends which will cause your hair to become frizzy. When you wash your hair, it is best to allow it to dry naturally instead of using a hair dryer so that less damage will occur. You can also use heat protective serums and sprays when you do use a flat iron or other heated device on your hair to help cut down on the amount of damage that is done.

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writes on behalf of Lifesure Beauty Insurance.

Sandra has had many years of blogging experience on a wide range of topics including health and beauty.