How To Be a Mobile Hairdresser

Mobile hairdressing services continue to soar in global popularity. From hairstylists to traditional barbers, these experts have years of extensive industry experience. Whether you need haircuts, coloring, perms, or last minute dye jobs, they have the tools and experience to make you look and feel great. Freelancers hairdresser have tapped into this market by providing mobile hairdressing services. Whether at the office or at home, they arrive in a timely and professional manner. No matter the style you seek, they can truly meet your needs within time and budget. With more freelance hairdressers on the market than ever before, how does one build a lucrative mobile based hair styling service?


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What is a Freelance or Mobile Hairdresser?

Like the name suggests, freelance and mobile hairdressers take their respective businesses on the road,  they do not work in a salon, and the are able to make a living by providing mobile hair styling services. This is not much different from mobile tailors or clothiers that offer services to exclusive clientele. The difference with mobile hairstylists, however, is that they cater to all residential and commercial clients. This includes customers that are tired of waiting at local salons for hairstylists and barbers. Mobile services are affordable and also great for clients who are pressed for time. As part of any styling or haircut job, the freelancer offers a range of styles and professionally cleans up after the job is finished.

How tough is the Competition between Traditional Salons and Freelance Hairdressers?

Like any industry or niche, there is always competition available. With mobile hair design services on the rise, traditional salons have stepped up their efforts in attracting and engaging new and existing clients. In order to be successful in this challenging and fast pace industry, your services have to be impeccable. Your rates also have to meet customer needs within time and budget. Most of all, visibility is the key to securing recurring business and client patronage as traditional salon have fancy windows mobile hairdresser have not. With traditional salons now offering daily and weekly discounts, you must stay abreast of all the latest styles and genres in order to remain competitively viable. According to industry experts, freelance hairstylists must be willing to start off small in order to gain wider exposure and establish brand awareness.

Promotional Costs

In order to successfully market your mobile hair design services, you must have a strong campaign. This includes social media integration, along with optimized sites or blogs that appear in local search results. Mobile and traditional marketing techniques may also be costly; however, guarantee results as you build and grow your freelance hairdressing operation. Most believes that mobile hairdressers do not have many overheads but promotion is going to be a major expense for a business that do have high street window.

Hairdresser for Hospitalised, Elderly and House Bound People.

Mobile hairdressing services continue to soar in global popularity. From the latest haircut styles to coloring and perms, mobile hairdressers have years of experience and are committed to excellence in all jobs. They also have the tools and expertise to make you look and feel great. No truer is this than when it comes to clients that are elderly, homebound, or recently hospitalized. Due to the immobility of these individuals, they simply cannot make it to their local hair salons or stylists. As a result, they rely on mobile hairstylists to cut their hair at home or even at hospitals or private healthcare centers.


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Mobile Hairdressing Services

In the past, mobile hairdressers mainly facilitated busy professionals and clients. While this is still true, they now offer a full suite of services catered for senior citizens and elderly patients. This includes haircuts, along with blow drying, perms, coloring, and even hair dying. As always, mobile stylists are punctual and will work around a range of schedules. Their services have also received stellar reviews from past and present clients. At cost-affordable rates, mobile hairstyling services are guaranteed to make patients look and feel fresh. In fact, these services not only brighten up their day, but can encourage them to be happy despite their current predicaments.

Mobile Hairdresser Appointments

Due to the growing demand of mobile hairdressing services, it is advised to make appointments as soon as possible. Most slots get filled up pretty fast during the week. Whether for homebound or elderly citizens, mobile hairdressers truly care about their customers. In fact, they treat each customer like family, and help them select a style that best meet their needs. Just because many elderly citizens are homebound or in wheelchairs does not mean they are permanently immobilized. In fact, the right haircut can spruce up their look, while making them feel wonderful about themselves and life in nature. Even with busy weekly schedules, most hairdressers are also willing to clear some slots just to make elderly customers happy.

Special Needs Customers

Mobile hairdressers also facilitate special needs customers. These are usually customers that are wheelchair or bedbound. As always, mobile stylists will work with caretakers to ensure their client needs are fully met across the board. Similarly, they will work with nurses and other care providers provide the best haircuts and styles for their customers. Whether as surprise gifts or simple hygiene, mobile hairdressers are always available for elderly patients. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to secure their services in a timely and professional manner. For more information please click here.

Mobile Hair Extension in London

Hair extensions continue to soar in popularity in London. Like the name suggests, these stylish accessories help hair look fuller, longer, and thicker. They are also easy to apply and simple to remove when not in use. Hair extensions help women look and feel great. They also boost their confidence at work or play. While hair extensions are made from real hair, other popular types include remy and even synthetic versions. No matter which type of extension you need, you are guaranteed to look dazzling at social gatherings or a night on the town. The best part of extensions is that they save a lot of time. In fact, so many women simply apply them as opposed to lengthy and pricey hair spa treatments.

Shibuya 109 - real human hair extensions!

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Mobile Hairdressing Services

In recent years, mobile services have truly impacted a number of industries. Today, there are several commercial fields and sectors that utilize and reap the awards of mobile services. This includes the hair extension and hairdressing industry, which facilitates the needs of countless customers across London. With a mobile hairdresser, you are guaranteed timely and punctual services. With years of extensive industry experience, these experts understand all the latest styles, trends, and genres. Whether you need hair coloring, trimming, cuts, highlights, or cost-efficient hair extensions, your stylist will make you look a million bucks!

Mobile Hair Extension Benefits

There are other benefits of using mobile hair extension services as well. For one, it is much cheaper than and more convenient than going to a salon. While salons and spas are certainly elegant and lavish, the waiting times can be tedious and frustrating. You also have to schedule an appointment with your favorite hair stylist or dresser. Depending on the current holiday schedule, he or she may not even have available appointments. Instead of time consuming and pricey services, why not enjoy professional hairstyling from the comfort of your own home? With personalized consultations and service, hair extension professionals will truly achieve your desired results.

Experience the Difference

If you truly want to save money this holiday season, mobile hairdressers will meet your needs within time and budget. Not only are they on time, they are also available for emergenciesl. This includes styling for last minute banquets or romantic candlelight dinners. With mobile services, you can also save on gas, driving, and commuting costs. The best part is that you have several hair extension styles, colors, and textures to choose from. This means you can secure a fresh and new look every time you step out of the house.

More info about hair styles.

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Natural Colour Hairdresser in London

The Advantages of Using Natural or “Free From Chemicals” Hair Coloring

Although the world of hair care products keeps growing every year, little is being done to promote organic hair care. When it comes to hair coloring products, for example, most modern hair dyes are cheap and they contain chemicals that are harmful to overall health. Most people reach for these fast hair colouring solutions because without a second thought as to what kind of chemicals they could contain. If you are mindful of your health there are organic solutions for hair colouring. One of the most popular is henna.

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allergy free and ammonia free hair colouring products in London used by our mobile hairdresser

Henna is a tree that grows naturally is some parts of Asia. When its leaves and twigs are dried and crushed they form henna powder that can be formulated into a dye that can be applied both to skin and to hair. The colour tint it leaves ranges from orange to dark maroon. It has been used by Asian women for hundreds of years and it has been proven to be safe.

The advantages of using Henna for hair colours

There are several benefits of using this natural hair dye:

• The first and most obvious is that you never have to worry about your hair and your scalp getting in contact with harmful chemicals. It doesn’t matter how often you dye your hair with henna; you will not experience any side effects.

• Completely pure henna is a great conditioner for hair. Make it into a thick paste and apply from the roots to the tips of your hair. Wear a shower cap to keep it from drying out. Rinse out after an hour and you will have soft, shiny hair that is well conditioned and doesn’t tangle.

• Henna is great for dandruff control. Just wash your hair and then apply henna paste on the scalp and let it stay on for a while. A few treatments will get rid of dandruff and leave your hair with a beautiful tint.

Using free from Ammonia, resorcinol, and paraben hair colours

As already mentioned, most hair dyes contain chemicals that have negative side effects over time. Ammonia, resorcinol and parabens are the most common, harmful ingredients. Here is what you can expect if you buy products that contain these chemicals.

• Ammonia can be irritating to the scalp and if not carefully applied can even leave burns. In addition to that, it damages your hair because it opens the shaft allowing chemicals to travel through.

• Resorcinol is a chemical that is used to formulate treatments for acne, corns and callousness. It causes skin peel and it can irritate the scalp. If your scalp is peeling you may start to experience hair loss.

• Parabens are said to be the source of some cancers. While there is no conclusive proof that they are, many manufacturers are nor replacing them with other chemicals that they consider safer.

These are not the only chemicals that are considered unsafe. Common ingredients like lead acetate are pretty common in men’s hair products and it accumulates in the bones and can cause cancer. Using henna will help you avoid all these risks.

London Private Hairdresser for Muslim women – Hijab

If you are looking for a more private experience when it comes to your hair, our mobile hairdressing service can come handy.  Our services take place in the privacy of your own home and we are well aware how important this is for you. If you are a muslim woman living in London and you are wearing a hijab we can arrange one of our professional hairdresser to come to you for haircuts and blow dry but also for colouring, and highlights.

Our hair stylists are well experiences can deliver a high quality service directly at your home, office or even at your hotel if you are staying in London for a short time only. Beside the enhanced privacy  you will also find out that our prices are in fact lower than most local hair salons. Because we do not have rent overheads we can offer our clients lower prices and a personalised service that you will not get anywhere else in London.

her eyes

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How to choose a good hairdresser in London

Well, ok, not quite your life but sometimes it feels almost as important! The person who cuts and colours your hair has the power to make or break your look; it’s a big responsibility. We’ve all had those horrendous haircuts that have us desperately staring into the mirror, sobbing and cursing the hairdresser who’s massacred our precious mane. With so many salons on the high street these days, finding a hairdresser who really understands you can be difficult. So check out our guide to finding the perfect stylist, who will have you whooping with joy not weeping with dismay.

Under the dryer

Finding a good hairdresser in London is not easy – source

1. Do your research

If you’re starting completely from scratch, it might be a good idea to do some homework before you book an appointment for a dramatic makeover. The Good Salon Guide, an independent guide giving star ratings to hair and beauty salons, is a great place to start. It’s not a comprehensive guide; only salons that ask to be assessed are included, but it gives a star rating, a detailed review, pictures and prices.

2. Talk is cheap.

A personal recommendation is always a good way to find a reliable hairdresser. Know someone whose hair always looks pristine? Just ask them which salon they go to. Talk to friends or work colleagues about their experiences in local salons. That way you might also find out which ones to avoid without having to suffer a nightmare crop!

3. Try before you buy

Any good salon should offer a free consultation with no obligation to book a haircut or treatment. This is a great way to get a feel for a salon. Is it kept clean and tidy? Are the staff friendly and welcoming? What products are used? What prices can you expect to pay? It also gives you the chance to speak to your potential stylist about your hopes and expectations. Just a ten minute conversation will give you a good idea of whether this is a person you want to let loose on your locks with a pair of scissors!

4. Small steps

If you’re struggling to make a decision, why not play the field and try out a few different salons until you find the one you’re really happy with. Book an appointment for a blow dry, an up do or a deep conditioning treatment; something that doesn’t require any scissors or permanent hair dye! That way the hairdresser can get their hands on your hair, giving you a chance to see what they can do. Give the hairdresser clear instructions when it comes to styling and finishing your hair- are you happy with their interpretation of your direction? If the answer is yes, it’s a good indication that this is a stylist you could get along with!
So if your trusted stylist moves away or you’re new to the area, there’s no need to panic. Try to see the hunt for a new hairdresser as an exciting opportunity for a brand new do. You never know, this could be the start of something beautiful!

Aspiring To Be A Hair Stylist? You May Need Special Training


Becoming a good hairdresser is a long process – source

Hair styling is an art and like every other profession, it demands skill and talent. Hair stylists are responsible for a lot of work in the salon and the hours can be long. If working in the beauty and style industry has always been your childhood dream, you may want to consider hairstyling, but be advised that mere aspiration is not enough. You need special training to become a professional hair stylist. As a hair stylist or hair dresser, you can find work in a day spa, a hair salon, a resort, or a hotel. If the entrepreneurial bug has bitten you, then maybe you can even start your own hair salon!

Types of training available for becoming a hair stylist

Many states in the U.S. require state licenses for practicing hair stylists. Before you acquire a state license, you will need to get some basic training and then take the state board examination. Graduates of recognized hair styling programs are equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. As a degree-holder with great academics and practical training, you will be able to successfully cut, color, perm, or highlight hair. With the right training, you will soon be on your way to becoming a master hair stylist.

• The first level of training for most aspiring hair stylists is the cosmetology school. The laws are different in every state so the time taken to graduate may be different. What you will learn at cosmetology school are the fundamentals of cosmetology that includes manicure, pedicure, skin care, hair styling, and cosmetics application. The program’s curriculum is such that you will be able to get hands-on training in a learning environment.

• If cosmetology school is not your cup of tea, then you can opt for an apprenticeship program where you can learn on the job. There are quite a few high schools that allow students to enroll for cosmetology courses and take the license exam. This alternative prepares students who want to enter the workforce soon after high school.

• Looking for training? You can also contact professional associations such as the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and the American Board of Certified Hair colorists who offer training resources. There are nationwide programs conducted by these bodies to help students hone their technical, business, and creative skills. Depending on your chosen area of interest, you can contact the right association.

• Once you have acquired a state license, you may then proceed for further product-specific training. Within the salon market space, young hair stylists can avail of specialized training in hair re-growth, hair prosthetics, semi-permanent straightening, and hair replacement.

Step-by-step guide to becoming a professional stylist

Before you set foot on the road to becoming a professional hair stylist, you need to check whether you have the creativity, the inclination to serve your customer, and the ability to multi-task and manage time.

Steps for becoming a professional stylist:

• Complete a state-approved cosmetology course required for the state licensing exam. You can even earn a certificate in cosmetology from a local community college or trade school.

• Obtain a state license after passing a two-part licensing exam successfully.

• Soon after you have acquired your license, look for employment at a hotel, day spa, or hair salon.

• If further studies fit into your life’s plan then you can attend a continuing education school to fulfill your goals.

Future for Hair Stylists The job outlook for hair stylists is good and the job market is set to grow until 2020. Many professionals transfer to other fields and many retire. There is always a demand for new hair stylists everywhere. If you would like to start your own beauty business then you can do so as well, as long as you adhere to the state laws. The beauty and style industry is a fast-paced one and if you wish to succeed then you need to be competitive, smart, talented, and creative.

Michelle Tyler is a writer who writes well-researched, fashion related articles which provides relevant information to improvise on regular fashion tips. These articles helps designers to get a notch on fashion in there day to day activity.


Hair volume “Big and beautiful!”

Hair with volume and bounce never goes out of style and beautiful big hair is definitely on trend right now. Whether it’s Kate Middleton’s perfect, glossy blow-dry or Cheryl Cole’s gorgeous flowing locks, there’s no doubt that big hair is “having a moment”. So if your hair is rather less than your crowning glory and it needs a bit of a boost in the volume department, check out these great tips to put the oomph back into your do.


add volume to your hair – source

1. Roll it up!

Velcro rollers have long been used to boost volume, and work well on hair of any length. Once you’ve blow dried your hair with a volumising product, simply section the hair, spritz the roots with hairspray and wrap around a roller- no need to mess around with clips. You can do a whole head of rollers or just use a few at the crown, depending on your desired look. Once rolled, give your hair a quick blast with your hairdryer on the hottest setting and then leave to cool before you carefully unwrap for an instant volume boost!

2. Crimp ‘n’ go!

Check out this great new product for fine-haired lovelies who feel like they’ve tried everything! A heated appliance, this is essentially a mini crimper, only around 2cm wide, that is used to crimp the roots of the hair, thereby boosting volume. The top section of hair needs to be left untouched in order to cover the crimped sections and it takes a bit of practice to perfect the look but it’s definitely worth a try!

3. Cutting it!

Make sure you get the basics right! Fine hair can be made to look fuller with the right cut and colour so speak to your stylist about the best options for you. Short blunt cuts can work really well or, if you love your long locks, longer layers to add movement and body will perk up your lank locks. Most importantly, make sure your hair is regularly trimmed: If there’s one thing that looks worse than fine hair, it’s fine hair with split ends!

4. Backcomb baby!

While backcombing is not a daily fix, for hot nights out it can create a fantastic, big-hair look. Start at the crown and take small sections of hair. Use short strokes to minimise damage and make sure you smooth over a top layer of hair to make your do look sleek and glossy- we’re not going for the bird’s nest look here! Hairspray to fix and you’re good to go!

5. Style it up!

Styling products can make a difference to fine, flat hair, and there are certainly plenty on the market. A good volumising shampoo and conditioner is worth an investment and, used over time, will make a long-term difference to the fullness of your hair. Whichever styling product your use; mousse, volumising spray or crème, makes sure you use it on hair which is at least 75% dry, so as not to dilute the product. Massage it well into the roots and tip your head upside down as you dry for an extra root boost.

So, even though it might feel like a constant battle for us fine-haired babes, give these ideas a try to transform your locks from limp to lovely!




5 great tips about choosing the right Mobile Hairdresser in London

5 tips on choosing the right mobile hairdresser in London

Written by Serena Durham  June 18th 2012

In this article you will learn the 5 most important tips for choosing the right mobile hairdresser. In today’s facebook era we are constantly on the go and it is very common for to not even have the time to eat lunch- let alone have the time to physically go to the hair dresser. Lucky for us mobile hairstylist are becoming more common and are willing to meet you at the comfort of your own home.
However before I go further in detail it’s important to define what exactly a mobile hairdresser is. A mobile hairstylist is a mobile hairdresser who typically works for themselves and visits the vast majority of their clients at their own homes, work places, or even at other agreed locations like a hotel. Now that you know exactly what a mobile hairstylist is look below for the top 5 tips on choosing your own.
Tip 1: Get Proof of their work

The first tip to choosing the right mobile hairdresser is to make sure to choose a professional mobile hairstylist that has testimonials and picture perfect proof of their work. This is very simple to obtain as the vast majority of professional stylist are very eager to show their results- after all it will make it easier for them to acquire your business.
Keep in mind that because of the internet it is fairly easy for an unscrupulous mobile hairdresser to steal testimonials and pictures another mobile hair stylist’s website. Because of this it is wise to make sure the overall tone of their portfolio pictures look somewhat similar. Hair styling is an art, and artist tends to stick to the same signature style.
Tip 2: Use a Mobile Hairdresser at the right time.

Use a mobile hairstylist if you work at home, are planning a celebration, or sleep at your place of work such as in the case of working for a start up. A mobile hairdresser is the perfect solution when your mobility is restricted to inconvenient work schedules or when you’re throwing a special party and what everyone to look their best. Your party goers will really appreciate it!

Tip 3: Know your expectations

Your mobile hairstylist will bring all the needed tools required for hairstyling treatments that may be chosen. A professional mobile hairdresser will bring scissors, combs , curling irons, blow dryers, gels shampoos, dyes and anything else needed to perform the desired style. Beware of any mobile hairdresser that expects you to provide the tools.

Tip 4. Make sure they look the part

You wouldn’t go to a dentist with bad teeth would you? Of course not so make sure your mobile hairstylist also looks the part. A professional mobile hairdresser should wear stylish clothing and present themselves with a nice, clean, modern hairstyle. A mobile hairdresser who cannot be bothered with his or her look, is not passionate enough about hair to work on yours.

Tip 5. Always Use a certified hairstylist

Just because a mobile hairdresser does not work in a salon does mean that they shouldn’t have the certifications of a hairstylist that does. Your mobile hairstylist should be able to produce an official certification from an accredited school when asked. Currently the UK national Vocational Qualification in Hairdressing also known as the NVQ is the only recognized qualification system. Make sure your mobile hairdresser is qualified.

How To Colour Your Hair At Home

Written by Serena Durham  June 6th 2012

Many women In London rarely visit a hair salon to have their hair done from there. They have discovered that it is cheaper to do it from the comfort of their home. This also saves them a lot of time which can be used constructively to take care of the children and other household chores. One of the things that these women have decided to do is colour their hair at home. If you are also intending to dye your hair at home, you have two options available: either do it yourself or call a professional mobile hair dresser in London to do it for you.

Colouring the hair yourself need a lot of attention and care. You cannot afford messing around with your hair. Any mistake will leave you disappointed with a colour which you cannot do anything about. For the best results, ensure that you are aware of the best dye for your skin complexion and hair type. There are basically many different types of hair dyes with each colour meant to suit a different complexion, and taste.

Once you manage to choose the right colour to suit your complexion, the next step involves applying it. Do not wash your hair  prior to the application of the hair color. This will ensure that the hair remains strong even after coloring since colouring is a harsh process which can dry the hair and make it prone to cut.

Check the color that you want to achieve as indicated on the side of the box, and read carefully the instructions If you are satisfied that the colour will be achieved by using the hair dye, prepare yourself by putting on the gloves.  This are meant to protect the hands from the dye. Keep a clock nearby to check the processing time. You should not exceed the recommended time. Other materials you will need are a bowl, a hair colouring brush, and it is best to do the process  in the bathroom.

After following the mixing instructions, apply the color evenly and ensure that all the desired hair is applied. Wipe off any color that has been mistakenly applied on the face or ears with a dry tissue. After checking the timer and getting contented with the outcome of the colour, wash off the color for three minutes. Condition the hair to replenish it with the lost moisture.

In case you are not confident that you can do it yourself  on your own, call a mobile hair dresser in London. He/ she will be readily available to colour your hair professionally with the best dye to suit you and give you a new look. Why not call a mobile hair dresser London today for that look you have always desired?