London Private Hairdresser for Muslim women – Hijab

If you are looking for a more private experience when it comes to your hair, our mobile hairdressing service can come handy.  Our services take place in the privacy of your own home and we are well aware how important this is for you. If you are a muslim woman living in London and you are wearing a hijab we can arrange one of our professional hairdresser to come to you for haircuts and blow dry but also for colouring, and highlights.

Our hair stylists are well experiences can deliver a high quality service directly at your home, office or even at your hotel if you are staying in London for a short time only. Beside the enhanced privacy  you will also find out that our prices are in fact lower than most local hair salons. Because we do not have rent overheads we can offer our clients lower prices and a personalised service that you will not get anywhere else in London.

her eyes

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Review: Freelance hairdresser in London who comes to you

We continue to receive positive feedback from our London clients, like this one from Gemma. So if you’re looking for a great haircut in the comfort of your own home or office, give us a call!

Name: Gemma

Location: Kensington

Profession: Fashion Boutique Owner

Age: 34

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Have you used a mobile hairdresser before: No. I’d been using the same hairstylist for almost ten years, however, when she moved to a different salon on the other side of the city and I had to find someone new, one of my employees recommended your service.

Why you have chosen this service: I own my own small, boutique clothing store and typically spend at least ten hours a day there, leaving me little time for anything else.

I never seem to have time to make it to the salon, even when my previous hairstylist was just down the road, and when she moved, I struggled to find another stylist close to me that I liked. So when your mobile hairdressers in London were recommended to me, it sounded like the perfect solution, as I could get my hair cut and styled without ever having to leave the office!

Services: I have only taken advantage of the cut and blow-dry service, although one of my employees keeps raving about your colouring services.

Would you come back for more? Most definitely. Not only is your service incredibly handy, but the quality of your hairstylists is second to none. Whenever I call, I’m always able to get an appointment within a day or two, and my stylist always shows up on time and gives me an amazing cut in less than an hour. Still, I must say that one of the best parts about your service is the price, as it’s easily comparable to or even cheaper than many other London hairdressers, plus I can get it done at work. Truly the best hairdresser at home, and better than most traditional salons!


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Written by Serena Durham

Mobile hair stylist in Central London – Reviews

We continue to receive outstanding feedback from our satisfied customers, such as this one from Alice. After seeing just what our London mobile hairdressers can do for you, you’ll soon be raving about our services yourself.

Name: Alice W.

Location: Chelsea
Profession: Sales Executive
Age: 46

Trafalgar Square - May 2007 - Candid - Margaret Thatcher Lookalike Contestant No.1
Have you used a mobile hairdresser before: This was my first time trying a service such as this. In fact, I didn’t even know such a thing existed until one of my colleagues recommended your service after she heard me complaining again about my previous hairdresser. She guaranteed me you were the best hairdresser at home in all of the UK and now I tell all my friends the same thing.

Why you have chosen this service: Due to my hectic work schedule, which has me constantly travelling across the UK, I never felt like I had enough time to make it to the salon. After constantly having to cancel appointments and going for weeks, or even months without visiting a hairdresser to get my roots coloured in, I finally decided to give your mobile hairdresser a try, and let me say, I was more than impressed. After phoning you, I was able to immediately get an appointment for the next morning, and when the hairstylist arrived, she had all the tools and supplies she needed to give me a full colour, and then a quick cut and blow dry. She was super professional and in only two hours, she had me looking better than I had in years, without ever having to leave home!

Services: I typically get my hair coloured, as well as a cut and blow dry.

Would you come back for more? Of course! In fact, I’ve already been using your service exclusively for the past six months or so and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a standard hair salon. The price and convenience definitely makes you the best mobile hairdresser in London.

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Written by Serena Durham

Top Beauty Tips For The Upcoming Winter Months

The weather is getting colder and as autumn turns to winter, our skin and hair are having to deal with a change in temperature. To keep yourself looking at your absolute best this autumn and winter time, here are a few top beauty tips.

Winter beauty

keep your skin beautiful in winter too – source

Get your skin hydrated

As the autumn comes around, your skin is likely to be enjoying the last of the summer sun. The sun can dry your skin out so it is a good idea to ensure that your skin gets re-hydrated with a good moisturising regime. Get into a routine of regularly applying your moisturiser to ensure that your skin is radiant even when the weather isn’t. Remember to get a good moisturiser for your face and other good one for your body.

Get your hair back into great condition

The cold temperatures of autumn can do damage to your hair and as the winter months approach, it will only get worse. In order to combat the cold weather, treat your hair to a moisturising mask. Use the hair mask about once a week to ensure that your hair doesn’t suffer from the cold by becoming dry and brittle.

Give your body a rest and detox

If you’ve spent the summer months enjoying barbecues and over indulging on holiday, why not give your body a bit of a detox before you splurge again at Christmas? A few weeks of less alcohol and healthier foods will do wonders for your body, and your appearance. When you eat healthily, it shows. Your skin will be glowing and radiant with more water, fruit and veg.

Treat your hands and nails

When the weather gets cold, your hands really feel it. Your hands are exposed to the elements during cold weather and as a result, the skin can become dry and cracked. Try to use a thick hand moisturiser to replenish any moisture lost. If your hands are really struggling with the cold, buy some think cotton gloves to put on your hands over some hand cream whilst you sleep. Don’t forget to pay attention to your finger nails. You finger nails can really suffer, particularly if you use polishes which dry quickly. These also dry your nails quickly. Ensure that you moisturise your nails with a good quality hand and nail cream.

Give your makeup bag a clear out

The start of a new season is a great time to give your makeup bag an overhaul. Clear out your makeup bag, getting rid of those empties and shavings from sharpening your eye and lip liner. Anything which is old and not at its best, get rid of. Give your makeup brushes a good cleanse with warm water and mild soap. A good wash will get rid of debris and oil which can be bad for your skin. Now is a good time to add a couple of new items to your makeup bag, maybe some warm autumn tones to compliment your look as the weather cools down.

Claire Townley is a beauty blogger. She buys her natural skin products from

End Of Summer Hair Care

At the end of summer, our hair is often left slightly damaged, dry and brassy. During the sunny months we all tend to put our tresses through some serious damage – weather it’s from the sun itself or through styling tools, to the sea and chlorine from your summer holiday and even with all of those extra styling products you use to keep your hair frizz free and to protect it from humidity.

So now that it’s coming to the end of summer in the UK, what can we do to repair our hair and get it healthy for autumn?

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! – After the sun, sea and chlorine have dried out your locks, give it a little TLC with some extra moisture. Moroccanoil is a favourite of many people, as it can be used on both dry and damp hair. Add a couple of drops to the palm of your hand and apply to hair avoiding roots but concentrating on the dried out ends. Your hair will be smoother and the ends moisturised. Treat your hair to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner such as Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo – it deeply hydrates thirsty, damaged hair as well as plumping up skinny strands. If you have coloured hair this shampoo is completely safe!

Bye Bye Product Build Up – Every now and again, using a clarifying shampoo will help detox the hair and get rid of any product build up. Without even realising it, in the summer we often use extra styling products to keep our hair frizz free, in place and to protect it from humidity. All of these products can build up on the hair making it harder to style, and often making it lank. Chlorine from swimming pools also adds to product build up as it can leave a coating on the hair. Try not to use this too often though, as over using it can completely strip the hair.

An Extra Treat – deep treatments are great when your hair is feeling dry, damaged or simply just a bit too frazzled! Apply a deep treatment section by section after washing your hair. Doing this in the shower is great too as the steam can help it to penetrate right into the hair shaft. Macadamia Deep Repair Mask is brilliant for post summer care.

Gentleness is Key – so through the summer, we probably weren’t all that gentle on the hair – backcombing, curling tongs for beach waves, and extra washing due to the heat and swimming. Remember that when your hair is wet, it’s at its weakest point and more susceptible to damage. For gentle detangling after washing hair, try a Tangle Teezer starting from the ends of the hair and making your way to the roots. This way, tangles aren’t dragged down from the roots to the tips of the hair which can snap very easily. If your hair gets tangled easily after a shower, invest in a leave in conditioning spray. This will add a good boost of conditioner and smooth the strands allowing you to gently comb.

Time For a Change – Autumn is the time to change your colour. Highlights can become brassy when exposed to sun so for autumn why not try a richer shade. If you’re blonde, go for gold, toffee or caramel, and if you’re brunette, try auburn or chestnut. For a quick fix of those brassy tones for blondes, try a Silver Shampoo – the purple hue of the shampoo counteracts any yellow tones. It’s a great way to freshen up your colour in between salon visits. It’s also a good time to get a trim. The first part of our hair to show signs of damage from the summer are the very ends of the strands – they become dry, frizzy and split. The best way to get rid of the problem is to go for a trim. If you leave them, each strand will continue to split further up the hair making it appear even frizzier as well as snapping off completely!

Remember, if you need to get that little bit extra cut off, you can always invest in some clip in hair extensions for those special occasions when you want long locks!

Laura is a hair and beauty writer with extensive knowledge in Beauty, Makeup and hair care.

How to get the best haircut from your hairdresser

Just a trim please…

A trip to the hairdressers should be a great experience: laying back and being pampered and preened until, an hour or two later, you leave looking like a goddess. Sadly, it doesn’t always work like that. We’ve all had a horror haircut that leaves us crying in the corner of the bathroom, unwilling to leave the house. But what is it that can cause the salon experience to go so drastically wrong? Well, we put it down to a breakdown in communication. Describing that perfect haircut to your stylist can be difficult. So we’ve compiled some top tips to help you explain exactly what you want.

1. Visual aids

One of the best things you can do is to take a picture, or better still, a few pictures of the style you’re after. If you can’t find the perfect snap take a few that represent different components of your dream do: “A fringe like this, graduated like this and this colour,” is far more welcome to your stylist than a vague attempt to describe a complicated haircut without any pictures to show exactly what you mean.

2. Be realistic

This is a common stumbling block that can lead to a disastrous do. If you want hair like Beyonce when yours is fine and flat, let’s face it, you’re going to be disappointed! Be realistic about your hair type, your face shape and also about the time you have to style your hair. If you end up with a style that takes an hour to perfect every morning, you may fall out of love with it pretty quickly! We all have hair envy from time to time but it’s better to make the most of what you’ve got than to try to achieve the unattainable.

3. Learn the lingo

If you’re wanting something a bit more involved than a straightforward trim, it’s well worth brushing up on your hairdressing terms or simply giving some thought as to what you are going to say. Be absolutely specific in every instruction you give. Telling your stylist that your hair “needs a good trim” might mean 2cm to you but 6cm to them: give an exact amount of hair that you want cutting off. Saying you’d “like to try a fringe” could result in something very different to “a blunt fringe that rests on my eyebrows”. Never be embarrassed or shy at the hairdressers, this is the style you will have to live with for the next few months! Be as clear and direct as possible.

4. Take charge

Us Brits aren’t very good at making a fuss but if you’re sitting in the stylists chair and things aren’t being done as you would like, you must say something. If you’re nervous before a new do, say so, and your hairdresser will take it slowly and talk you through what they are about to do. If you aren’t happy with your final cut, calmly explain this to your hairdresser. They will do everything they can to make sure you leave the salon with a do you are happy with.



Celebrity Women Hairstyles: Lessons Learned

Whether they like it or not, celebrities are scrutinized in everything they do. If they go to the grocery store without makeup, it is plastered on the front cover of US weekly. If a celebrity wears something less than flattering to the park, Perez Hilton is blogging about it the very same day.

The positives are also praised as well. If a celebrity has a flat stomach 4 weeks after having a baby, everyone wants to know how she managed the impossible. All of America wants to know how Gwenyth Paltro gets such glowing skin and what kind of makeup the Kardashian women use. Whether we want to admit it or not, a lot of our style comes from watching celebrities. This goes for hair as well.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are some hair styles that cause women to rip pictures out of magazines to take to their hairdressers and ask for exactly what is on the page. You know you’ve all done it. Then there are the others. You know what I’m talking about. The styles that make you think their stylist maybe had a bit too much to drink the night before.

I Want That – Celebrity Hairstyles That the Rest of us Want

• The Halle Berry Short Crop. This is a stunning cut that made every women think to themselves, “I wish I was brave enough to pull that off.” This look was praised by all the fashion gurus and still remains a strong style years later.

• The Michelle Williams Pixie. Speaking of short hair, this is also an iconic hairstyle. It is wispy, soft and looks effortless. If you are in the market for short hair, this is definitely a style to think about.

• The Zooey Deshanel Blunt Fringe. Fringe is all the rage nowadays. Zooey’s dramatic look has caught on like wildfire. It is distinct, sexy and sophisticated, yet youthful looking. If you want fringe but are afraid to do something as bold as Zooey, you can cut narrow bangs with less bulk.

• The Kim Kardashian Long Layered Look. Long hair with multiple layers is an iconic look that has been around for ages. Kim knows how to rock this style by keeping the layers soft and angled. Her rich color and shine add to the look and make it one that is coveted by many.

Styles that Leave Us Wondering if They Own Mirrors

• The Kate Gosselin Spikey Look. I hesitate to call Kate Gosselin a celebrity, but her crazy look from Jon & Kate Plus 8 had all of America scratching their head, wondering if somehow her hair got caught in a lawnmower.

• The Snooki Bump. Everyone wants a little bit of body in their hair, but Snooki’s over-the-top bump was just that – over the top. She could have been hiding anything in that’s rat’s nest. Maybe that’s where the condoms she should have been using were hiding.

• The Britney Spears Baldie. This might not even classify as a hairstyle because, well, there’s no hair. Britney had a meltdown and shaved off all her hair. Please don’t follow suit. If you sense a meltdown coming, grab a cocktail, not the scissors.

There are countless looks that celebrity women show off that the rest of America loves and craves. There are also countless looks that leave us hoping they have an honest friend who will tell them to fire their stylist. Modern technology allows us to see these looks instantly, whenever we want, and judge for ourselves if they should be on a best or worst list.

Britney Spears

Britney – source

By Jamie Bailey

Jamie enjoys writing about fashion and style. She also writes for various cosmetology schools in Utah. She loves to spot new trends and experiment with her own looks as well.


How to choose a good hairdresser in London

Well, ok, not quite your life but sometimes it feels almost as important! The person who cuts and colours your hair has the power to make or break your look; it’s a big responsibility. We’ve all had those horrendous haircuts that have us desperately staring into the mirror, sobbing and cursing the hairdresser who’s massacred our precious mane. With so many salons on the high street these days, finding a hairdresser who really understands you can be difficult. So check out our guide to finding the perfect stylist, who will have you whooping with joy not weeping with dismay.

Under the dryer

Finding a good hairdresser in London is not easy – source

1. Do your research

If you’re starting completely from scratch, it might be a good idea to do some homework before you book an appointment for a dramatic makeover. The Good Salon Guide, an independent guide giving star ratings to hair and beauty salons, is a great place to start. It’s not a comprehensive guide; only salons that ask to be assessed are included, but it gives a star rating, a detailed review, pictures and prices.

2. Talk is cheap.

A personal recommendation is always a good way to find a reliable hairdresser. Know someone whose hair always looks pristine? Just ask them which salon they go to. Talk to friends or work colleagues about their experiences in local salons. That way you might also find out which ones to avoid without having to suffer a nightmare crop!

3. Try before you buy

Any good salon should offer a free consultation with no obligation to book a haircut or treatment. This is a great way to get a feel for a salon. Is it kept clean and tidy? Are the staff friendly and welcoming? What products are used? What prices can you expect to pay? It also gives you the chance to speak to your potential stylist about your hopes and expectations. Just a ten minute conversation will give you a good idea of whether this is a person you want to let loose on your locks with a pair of scissors!

4. Small steps

If you’re struggling to make a decision, why not play the field and try out a few different salons until you find the one you’re really happy with. Book an appointment for a blow dry, an up do or a deep conditioning treatment; something that doesn’t require any scissors or permanent hair dye! That way the hairdresser can get their hands on your hair, giving you a chance to see what they can do. Give the hairdresser clear instructions when it comes to styling and finishing your hair- are you happy with their interpretation of your direction? If the answer is yes, it’s a good indication that this is a stylist you could get along with!
So if your trusted stylist moves away or you’re new to the area, there’s no need to panic. Try to see the hunt for a new hairdresser as an exciting opportunity for a brand new do. You never know, this could be the start of something beautiful!

Aspiring To Be A Hair Stylist? You May Need Special Training


Becoming a good hairdresser is a long process – source

Hair styling is an art and like every other profession, it demands skill and talent. Hair stylists are responsible for a lot of work in the salon and the hours can be long. If working in the beauty and style industry has always been your childhood dream, you may want to consider hairstyling, but be advised that mere aspiration is not enough. You need special training to become a professional hair stylist. As a hair stylist or hair dresser, you can find work in a day spa, a hair salon, a resort, or a hotel. If the entrepreneurial bug has bitten you, then maybe you can even start your own hair salon!

Types of training available for becoming a hair stylist

Many states in the U.S. require state licenses for practicing hair stylists. Before you acquire a state license, you will need to get some basic training and then take the state board examination. Graduates of recognized hair styling programs are equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. As a degree-holder with great academics and practical training, you will be able to successfully cut, color, perm, or highlight hair. With the right training, you will soon be on your way to becoming a master hair stylist.

• The first level of training for most aspiring hair stylists is the cosmetology school. The laws are different in every state so the time taken to graduate may be different. What you will learn at cosmetology school are the fundamentals of cosmetology that includes manicure, pedicure, skin care, hair styling, and cosmetics application. The program’s curriculum is such that you will be able to get hands-on training in a learning environment.

• If cosmetology school is not your cup of tea, then you can opt for an apprenticeship program where you can learn on the job. There are quite a few high schools that allow students to enroll for cosmetology courses and take the license exam. This alternative prepares students who want to enter the workforce soon after high school.

• Looking for training? You can also contact professional associations such as the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and the American Board of Certified Hair colorists who offer training resources. There are nationwide programs conducted by these bodies to help students hone their technical, business, and creative skills. Depending on your chosen area of interest, you can contact the right association.

• Once you have acquired a state license, you may then proceed for further product-specific training. Within the salon market space, young hair stylists can avail of specialized training in hair re-growth, hair prosthetics, semi-permanent straightening, and hair replacement.

Step-by-step guide to becoming a professional stylist

Before you set foot on the road to becoming a professional hair stylist, you need to check whether you have the creativity, the inclination to serve your customer, and the ability to multi-task and manage time.

Steps for becoming a professional stylist:

• Complete a state-approved cosmetology course required for the state licensing exam. You can even earn a certificate in cosmetology from a local community college or trade school.

• Obtain a state license after passing a two-part licensing exam successfully.

• Soon after you have acquired your license, look for employment at a hotel, day spa, or hair salon.

• If further studies fit into your life’s plan then you can attend a continuing education school to fulfill your goals.

Future for Hair Stylists The job outlook for hair stylists is good and the job market is set to grow until 2020. Many professionals transfer to other fields and many retire. There is always a demand for new hair stylists everywhere. If you would like to start your own beauty business then you can do so as well, as long as you adhere to the state laws. The beauty and style industry is a fast-paced one and if you wish to succeed then you need to be competitive, smart, talented, and creative.

Michelle Tyler is a writer who writes well-researched, fashion related articles which provides relevant information to improvise on regular fashion tips. These articles helps designers to get a notch on fashion in there day to day activity.


Hair volume “Big and beautiful!”

Hair with volume and bounce never goes out of style and beautiful big hair is definitely on trend right now. Whether it’s Kate Middleton’s perfect, glossy blow-dry or Cheryl Cole’s gorgeous flowing locks, there’s no doubt that big hair is “having a moment”. So if your hair is rather less than your crowning glory and it needs a bit of a boost in the volume department, check out these great tips to put the oomph back into your do.


add volume to your hair – source

1. Roll it up!

Velcro rollers have long been used to boost volume, and work well on hair of any length. Once you’ve blow dried your hair with a volumising product, simply section the hair, spritz the roots with hairspray and wrap around a roller- no need to mess around with clips. You can do a whole head of rollers or just use a few at the crown, depending on your desired look. Once rolled, give your hair a quick blast with your hairdryer on the hottest setting and then leave to cool before you carefully unwrap for an instant volume boost!

2. Crimp ‘n’ go!

Check out this great new product for fine-haired lovelies who feel like they’ve tried everything! A heated appliance, this is essentially a mini crimper, only around 2cm wide, that is used to crimp the roots of the hair, thereby boosting volume. The top section of hair needs to be left untouched in order to cover the crimped sections and it takes a bit of practice to perfect the look but it’s definitely worth a try!

3. Cutting it!

Make sure you get the basics right! Fine hair can be made to look fuller with the right cut and colour so speak to your stylist about the best options for you. Short blunt cuts can work really well or, if you love your long locks, longer layers to add movement and body will perk up your lank locks. Most importantly, make sure your hair is regularly trimmed: If there’s one thing that looks worse than fine hair, it’s fine hair with split ends!

4. Backcomb baby!

While backcombing is not a daily fix, for hot nights out it can create a fantastic, big-hair look. Start at the crown and take small sections of hair. Use short strokes to minimise damage and make sure you smooth over a top layer of hair to make your do look sleek and glossy- we’re not going for the bird’s nest look here! Hairspray to fix and you’re good to go!

5. Style it up!

Styling products can make a difference to fine, flat hair, and there are certainly plenty on the market. A good volumising shampoo and conditioner is worth an investment and, used over time, will make a long-term difference to the fullness of your hair. Whichever styling product your use; mousse, volumising spray or crème, makes sure you use it on hair which is at least 75% dry, so as not to dilute the product. Massage it well into the roots and tip your head upside down as you dry for an extra root boost.

So, even though it might feel like a constant battle for us fine-haired babes, give these ideas a try to transform your locks from limp to lovely!