A quick guide to short hair

To crop or not to crop?

We’ve all been there. You’ve spent years growing your hair into a luscious long mane. You’ve gone through that awkward in-between phase, you’ve kept up with the regular trims, you’ve endured the hour-long blow dry regime every morning and then suddenly, everybody’s going for the chop. This season it’s all about sexy short dos and perfect pixie crops but are you brave enough to take the plunge and lop off your locks? Here are a few reasons why we reckon you should!

Day 133/365 Short Hair

shorter hair are easier to maintain – source 

1. You’ll stand out from the crowd.

Beautiful long hair can be stunning of course but, let’s face it, it’s a bit boring. A gorgeous short do will instantly make you seem cool and confident. Remember when Emma Watson wowed us with her gamine crop after years of bland long hair? Since then she’s been catapulted from pretty plain-Jane to über-trendy fashionista, modelling for the likes of Lancôme and Burberry, and we put it all down to her decision to go for the chop. We know, Emma Watson could carry off any look with her perfect features, so look to Michelle Williams or Anne Hathaway for a softer version with a longer, face-framing fringe and height at the crown. Individual, unique and gorgeous!

2. You’ll save loads of time.

Short hair is loads easier to style and it always looks thick and healthy. No more straggly ends or flat limp locks, cropped hair definitely has the edge when it comes to maintenance. Worried a crop won’t be as versatile? Just think back to Dannii Minogue’s stint on the X-Factor when she sported a different do every week; it’s just a case of getting to know which products work best. Texturising wax will give you that undone bed-head look; back-combing powder creates sexy 60s-style volume and go for a shine serum to give great gloss.

3. There’s one out there for you.

There’s a short style that will suit every hair type and face shape, it’s just a question of finding it. Look out for styles in magazines or on the internet and speak to your stylist about what will suit you best. If you’re struggling to muster up the courage to chop it all off, a bob is a great option, and not quite as scary! If you want to go sleek and gown-up, think Rose Byrne’s glossy bob with a heavy blunt fringe that caught everybody’s attention on the red carpet. Or if sexy and mussed-up is more your thing, channel Pixie Lott’s shaggy layered bob for a low-maintenance, high-sex appeal look.

We know it’s one thing to gaze in envy at the beautifully cropped locks of celebs but it’s quite another to actually grit your teeth and go for it yourself. But do your research, be brave and watch as you turn into the local style icon. And remember, while we all know how traumatic a bad haircut can be, it will always grow back!

If you need your hair cut short and you live in London, give a call yo our mobile hairdresser, she will be happy to do a free consultation over the phone regarding what would most suit you. The Mobile hairdresser is open 7 days a week and can visit to most areas in central London

Helpful Tips For Colouring Your Hair At Home

Making the decision to start colouring your hair at home using hair care products purchased from your local drug store or department store can have many advantages as well as disadvantages. For starters, colouring your own hair is a very affordable choice. Most at home hair colouring products cost anywhere from $4 up to $13 depending on the brand that you choose and any extras that the product may contain such as highlights or a special conditioning formula that will help to protect your hair from damage. While this is a very small amount of money to spend in comparison to the price of getting your hair professionally dyed, many times first time users will have difficulties with finding the right shade or something will go wrong with the application process leaving their hair with uneven tones. That is why it is best to do a little research beforehand if you are new to the world of do-it-yourself hair colouring  Here are some helpful tips that will assist you with choosing the right shades for your hair type and making sure that you get the best results possible.

 Selecting the colour

When you are selecting your colour  it is important that you never go more than two shades lighter or darker than what your current hair colour is. Failure to do so may cause you to end up with results that look nothing like what you had expected, which ends up being a waste of both your time and money. At home hair care products are pre-mixed unlike the products that a beautician would use at a salon which makes it near impossible for most people to get the exact results that they had hoped for every time. The best way to ensure that you get as close as possible to the shade that is on the box is by following this rule.

Permanent or semi-permanent?

Wondering if you should go with Semi-Permanent or Permanent hair colour  If you are nervous about dyeing your own hair or you do not want to commit to a particular colour for a long period of time then semi-permanent hair colour may be the best choice for you. These products work great for those afraid of colour commitment however with these products you will typically only be able to go a few shades darker than your current hair colour or help to cover up grays without any drastic hair changes. If you want your hair to have a completely new look most experts would suggest going with a permanent hair dye.


If you aren’t new to dyeing your own hair but would still like to try something new to ensure that your hair remains healthy you may want to pick up some additional moisturising creams and conditioners to use that will help to repair all of the damage that your hair has gone through over the years of constant hair colour applications. While there are some good moisturising and hair repair products available at most drug stores, you may want to also visit your local beauty supply store and pick up some professional grade conditioner to use after you colour  These products will leave your hair feeling soft and silky with more volume and strength all while keeping your colour from fading too quickly. Some great conditioners and masques to try include Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair Masque, Ion Color Defense Leave-in Protector and Nothing but Intense Healing Mask.


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Sandra Hamilton writes for Lifesure Beauty Insurance. Sandra has had many years of blogging experience on a wide range of topics including health and beauty.

Bridal Beauty: How To Prepare Yourself For The Big Day

You’ve finally found the perfect dress and booked your make-up artist, but there are plenty of things you can do to make yourself even more beautiful before you walk down the aisle. Firstly, keep up the basics; cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. These may seem like age-old tips, but it’s surprising how the stresses of planning a wedding can make you forget the most obvious routines. A combination of insomnia, dehydration and neglecting your skincare regimen can lead to breakouts or worse, so take time to look after yourself.

Don’t Make Any Drastic Changes To Your Routine

You may be tempted to try new products or treatments just before the event, but it can be unwise to do so. Treating yourself to something new just before may seem like a good idea, but you could find yourself being allergic to a new ingredient and you won’t necessarily feel the benefit instantly. For example, it is recommended that you begin facials a few months before a big event, and have them regularly in the run up to the occasion. One session, although relaxing, isn’t going to change anything radically. Book yourself in for a treatment once a month for six months and you’ll notice the difference. Plus it will give you time to get acquainted with what your skin does or doesn’t like. The same goes for stay-at-home facemasks; they’re great fun and an inexpensive luxury but are certainly not a quick-fix.

Getting Outside Help

If you are splurging on beauticians, be sure to get to know any companies before you step through the door. You may have a friend in the business but just because you’re socially compatible it does not always mean that they are the right match for you. Don’t just go with who you know, go with who has been recommended, and don’t be afraid to test things (and people) out. Even if you do have regular appointments for waxing, it’s worth giving yourself three days to a week to recover. Brows can sometimes bleed or feel tender, and fake tan will apply easier to your body if your skin has had time to settle.

Revamp Your Smile For Confidence

What people notice most often in wedding photos is a bride’s confidence through a beautiful smile, and there are plenty of natural ways for you to enhance this without sitting in the dentist’s chair. The alternatives are also delicious. Eating plenty of raw veggies can help remove stains, as well as rubbing teeth with lemon or strawberries and then rinsing with cool water. However, though it’s a great time to indulge on strawberries, you may have to give up some naughty treats in the weeks leading up to the wedding such as dark fizzy drinks, red wine and coffee. It may be just what you’re craving most when you want to unwind after you’ve had a difficult day, but remember that keeping these out of your diet for the last month will help with not just your teeth, it will make you feel good inside and out.

It’s All In The Preparation

Finally, make sure you’re comfortable. There’s nothing worse than trying your best to look the part for the day, but feeling restricted by your hair, make-up or wardrobe. If you can, rehearse each part of your wedding outfit just before and go with your instinct. Though you may want to do something different than your everyday look, don’t let yourself be pressured into a style that just isn’t you, even if you do think it’s glamourous. Your wedding should be a celebration of the love you and your partner share, and that requires you to feel yourself.

So though you may be hiring a professional to make you as fabulous as you can be for the big day, remember that with the right preparation, you can help to achieve even more wonderful results with winning confidence from the perfect canvas.

Natalie Little has created some fantastic looks as a freelance makeup artist and has helped countless brides settle their nerves on the morning of their big day! She’s currently sharing tips and advice on behalf of UK-based agency Beauty Call.
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The Perfect Hair Color For You

The perfect hairstyle is seldom complete without the perfect hair color. But a lot of people are confused in choosing the right color of their hair. These are several tips and rules of thumbs that apply in selecting the color that will look best on you:

First of all, keep in mind the rule of skin tones. Your hair color should compliment your skin tone. There are two types of tones: warm and cool. You have warm skin tone if you have olive or darker skin with yellow or golden undertone. Most Asians, African-Americans and Latinas have this tone. You have cool skin tone if you have fairer skin with a pink or blue undertone. If you are still looking at your skin, completely dazed about your tone, here is another trick: look at the veins in your inner wrists under natural light.  If the veins are green, you are ‘warm’; if they are blue, you are ‘cool’.

Once you have identified your skin tone, you can start looking for the hair color to compliment your skin. Warm skin tones should go for shades of gold. Golden colors include bronze, copper, and caramel. However, never go too light with golden hues because your hair can turn orange. Warm skin can go blonde, but it should be done with a professional due to its delicateness. Ash and cool brown shades look best on cool skin tones. You can also try jet black and cooler blonde tones. Never use warm color for your hair because it can make you look strained and sickly. Those with very red skin should refrain from going light blond or red to avoid the exaggeration of the color of their skin. They should, instead, go for soft but warm shades that can dilute the redness of their skin.

You can also determine the type of clothes and jewelries that look best on you – it can help you when it comes to choosing the right color. People who look good wearing red and yellow hues (such as orange, gold, olive, and rust) will also look good in gold-toned hair color such as strawberry blonde and golden brown. If shades of blue, green and pink fits you perfectly, cool colors such as ash blonde and platinum will be work on your hair.

Deciding on making your hair either darker or lighter is the next question. Another rule of thumb: never go more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. Darker hair can look very beautiful because it can show off your complexion better and can accent your eyes effectively. However, going too dark will make your hair and its color seem artificial, and can emphasize darkness under your eyes, making you look worn and stressed. Lighter hair is beautiful, too. It can lighten up the face and make you look cheerful. Beware, though: do not get hooked in making your hair lighter and lighter. You must know just what the right shades of blond are for your skin tone or you will end up looking like a ghost.

Last thing, you can always use the help of a professional hair designer to determine your best matching color.

how to colour your hair


Best hairdresser for asian hair in London

Asian hair styling in London  photo credit

Scissor Paper Rock hairdresser in London offers hair styling to all those clients with Asian hair. If you are Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Filippino, or you just have very straight hair you can simply give us a call. We have several years of experience in hairdressing and the services that we offer include haircut and blow dry, colouring, highlights for adult and children alike. Scissor Paper Rock hairdresser is a mobile hairstylist that offers the same services of the regular hair salon but at your house and at a much lower price. The mobile hairdresser works by appointment so you do not need to queue up at the salon you can just be at home. Also another advantage of this kind of stylist is that you always get the same person to do your hair. Staff at the regular salon might leave and you would not have the possibility to get in touch with them. With our services you have the possibility to have your favourite hairdresser at each appointment.

The mobile hairdresser for Asian hair is also convenient if you cannot leave your house. If you are a mum with small children the mobile hairdresser is a convenient way to get your hair done without having to worry too much. Also house bound people in general will benefit from our services. Unfortunately sometimes we fall ill or we are injured but we do not need to give up to our looks. Our services had been used by sick and elderly people who preferred to remain in the comfort of their house.

If you work, live or play in London we will be happy to style your hair at home, you can be by yourself or you can organise a haircut party with your friends and family. We are open 7 days a week from early morning till late.



Controlling Your Naturally Curly Hair

Having all natural curls is something that those who have it should be proud of, however many people despise their curly mane because of how hard it is to control. Maintaining your natural curls does take some time and patience but it is not impossible. Here are some no-frizz tips that will help you to get your gorgeous hair under control.

Keep your Split Ends Trimmed Away

Our hair becomes frizzy and unmanageable when split ends are present. The best way to put an end to troublesome split ends is to have your hair trimmed once every six to eight weeks. You do not have to get a major haircut each time, just trimming away the ends will do the trick. If you can’t afford to go to your usual expensive salon this often, you may want to choose a good discount beauty shop for this quick and simple routine trim up job.

Cut Down on Shampooing Your Hair

In order to keep your curls under control they need the help of the natural oils that are produced by your scalp which helps to cut down on the frizz factor. Washing your hair with shampoo more than four times per week will cause you to lose the benefits of these essential oils and do more harm than good to your natural curls. On the off days, simply rinse your hair out in the shower and use your regular conditioner.

Speaking of Conditioner, Use a Large Amount!

The more moisture your hair has the better off it will be. As curls become dry it is essential to add more conditioner to your hair washing routine in order to cut down on the frizz. You should never skip on using conditioning products and avoid the 2-in-1 Shampoos and Conditioners because they do not typically contain enough to maintain your curls. You should always massage in your conditioner from the root of your hair to tip and leave it in for around two minutes before you rinse it out. Using a deep conditioning product at least once per week will also help you when it comes to controlling unruly curls.

Use a Comb instead of a Brush

If you want to have more control over your curls you should choose to use a wide toothed comb instead of a typical hairbrush. A comb will be able to separate your curls and help you to style your hair in the exact way you want it. Brushing your hair, especially while it is still wet, will cause your hair to break easily which means more split ends. For best results ditch the brush and invest in some good quality wide toothed combs instead.

Minimize the Amount of Heat you apply to your Hair

Heated styling tools can be tempting to use especially if they can help straighten out your hair and give you a brand new look. But the heat from hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons can contribute to drying out your hair, making it damaged and brittle. This can lead to more split ends which will cause your hair to become frizzy. When you wash your hair, it is best to allow it to dry naturally instead of using a hair dryer so that less damage will occur. You can also use heat protective serums and sprays when you do use a flat iron or other heated device on your hair to help cut down on the amount of damage that is done.

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writes on behalf of Lifesure Beauty Insurance.

Sandra has had many years of blogging experience on a wide range of topics including health and beauty.

Starting Your Own Hair Salon

If you have a talent for hair and a brain for business, you may one day want to start your own salon. Establishing a business is never easy to do, but it can go a lot smoother if you are prepared. The fact that you are reading this shows that you want to at least do a little bit of research before jumping into the process. Hopefully our tips will help you out.  Here is a basic guide to helping you start your own hair salon.

Assess the Costs

The first thing you have to do is figure out how much this is going to cost you. You can either rent, buy, or build a building to house your salon, so you should check out the different prices in your area. You will also need to know what the monthly fees are going to be to run the salon so you can make sure you at least break even each month. The pricing for this will vary greatly by location, so talk to a realtor or accountant about the options around you.

Plan the Setup

How are you going to set up your salon? Are you going to have stylists pay rent for their stations, or are you going to offer them an hourly pay? Most new salon owners will go with the rent option because that will bring them guaranteed money right away. If you want to pay employees to draw them in easier, you could do that as well. You have to figure out what sort of commission rates you will offer, or what you will charge the stylists to use products you provide. The final decision is entirely up to you.

Get an Education

You technically don’t have to be a stylist to run a salon. You just have to provide the building. Nevertheless, it would be wise to at least have some sort of education so you can answer questions that come your way. There is a reason why stylist-owned salons do so well. It’s because people know they can trust the owners. When you have customers that can trust you, you are guaranteed to succeed.

Open the Doors

Once you have everything planned out, market like crazy to draw in new customers. If you make a good first impression, you will have a lot of business to come. Don’t expect to be a millionaire overnight because that just won’t happen. If you play your cards right though, you’ll be able to start off on a profitable foot.

About the Author: Kim McAlroy is a self-employed stylist who loves her job and clients. She recommends the Mandalyn Academy for cosmetology and business education.

Our London clients – success stories: how I came to love the mobile hairdresser

We have received great feedback from our clients in London, and we would like to share this success story with the reader of this blog. Using our mobile services it is a great way to save time and money, so if you are a busy professional like Jessica why don’t you phone us today?

Name: Jessica

Location: Covent Garden

Profession: stock exchange trader

Age: 26

Have you used a mobile hairdresser before: No I was very reluctant to use a different hairdresser but since I have been living in London have tried so many salons and I have never been happy with their w6ork, also the stylists at the salon always change so the service is inconsistent.

Why you have chosen this service: I am a professional trader and I work 12 hours a day so I do not have time to get an appointment at the salon. I thought to try a mobile hairdresser. I have been very happy with the outcome. The stylist is always the same, very friendly and I do not have to wait hours at the salon.
One night I had to attend this formal dinner with people from work as we were meeting an important client. My hair was a mess, so I phoned the mobile hairdresser. The day after the hairstylist came she was very punctual. She had all the necessary equipments in trolley suitcase, all I had to do was to wash my hair before the appointment. The lady cut and blow-dry my hair professionally. In less than an hour I was ready and dressed for my dinner.

Services: I have ordered the classic ladies’ cut and blow-dry

Would you come back for more? Yes indeed, I like the personal service that I get, and I do not need to make all day appointments at the salon any more.

image source

Written by Serena Durham  June 23rd 2012


5 great tips about choosing the right Mobile Hairdresser in London

5 tips on choosing the right mobile hairdresser in London

Written by Serena Durham  June 18th 2012

In this article you will learn the 5 most important tips for choosing the right mobile hairdresser. In today’s facebook era we are constantly on the go and it is very common for to not even have the time to eat lunch- let alone have the time to physically go to the hair dresser. Lucky for us mobile hairstylist are becoming more common and are willing to meet you at the comfort of your own home.
However before I go further in detail it’s important to define what exactly a mobile hairdresser is. A mobile hairstylist is a mobile hairdresser who typically works for themselves and visits the vast majority of their clients at their own homes, work places, or even at other agreed locations like a hotel. Now that you know exactly what a mobile hairstylist is look below for the top 5 tips on choosing your own.
Tip 1: Get Proof of their work

The first tip to choosing the right mobile hairdresser is to make sure to choose a professional mobile hairstylist that has testimonials and picture perfect proof of their work. This is very simple to obtain as the vast majority of professional stylist are very eager to show their results- after all it will make it easier for them to acquire your business.
Keep in mind that because of the internet it is fairly easy for an unscrupulous mobile hairdresser to steal testimonials and pictures another mobile hair stylist’s website. Because of this it is wise to make sure the overall tone of their portfolio pictures look somewhat similar. Hair styling is an art, and artist tends to stick to the same signature style.
Tip 2: Use a Mobile Hairdresser at the right time.

Use a mobile hairstylist if you work at home, are planning a celebration, or sleep at your place of work such as in the case of working for a start up. A mobile hairdresser is the perfect solution when your mobility is restricted to inconvenient work schedules or when you’re throwing a special party and what everyone to look their best. Your party goers will really appreciate it!

Tip 3: Know your expectations

Your mobile hairstylist will bring all the needed tools required for hairstyling treatments that may be chosen. A professional mobile hairdresser will bring scissors, combs , curling irons, blow dryers, gels shampoos, dyes and anything else needed to perform the desired style. Beware of any mobile hairdresser that expects you to provide the tools.

Tip 4. Make sure they look the part

You wouldn’t go to a dentist with bad teeth would you? Of course not so make sure your mobile hairstylist also looks the part. A professional mobile hairdresser should wear stylish clothing and present themselves with a nice, clean, modern hairstyle. A mobile hairdresser who cannot be bothered with his or her look, is not passionate enough about hair to work on yours.

Tip 5. Always Use a certified hairstylist

Just because a mobile hairdresser does not work in a salon does mean that they shouldn’t have the certifications of a hairstylist that does. Your mobile hairstylist should be able to produce an official certification from an accredited school when asked. Currently the UK national Vocational Qualification in Hairdressing also known as the NVQ is the only recognized qualification system. Make sure your mobile hairdresser is qualified.

How To Colour Your Hair At Home

Written by Serena Durham  June 6th 2012

Many women In London rarely visit a hair salon to have their hair done from there. They have discovered that it is cheaper to do it from the comfort of their home. This also saves them a lot of time which can be used constructively to take care of the children and other household chores. One of the things that these women have decided to do is colour their hair at home. If you are also intending to dye your hair at home, you have two options available: either do it yourself or call a professional mobile hair dresser in London to do it for you.

Colouring the hair yourself need a lot of attention and care. You cannot afford messing around with your hair. Any mistake will leave you disappointed with a colour which you cannot do anything about. For the best results, ensure that you are aware of the best dye for your skin complexion and hair type. There are basically many different types of hair dyes with each colour meant to suit a different complexion, and taste.

Once you manage to choose the right colour to suit your complexion, the next step involves applying it. Do not wash your hair  prior to the application of the hair color. This will ensure that the hair remains strong even after coloring since colouring is a harsh process which can dry the hair and make it prone to cut.

Check the color that you want to achieve as indicated on the side of the box, and read carefully the instructions If you are satisfied that the colour will be achieved by using the hair dye, prepare yourself by putting on the gloves.  This are meant to protect the hands from the dye. Keep a clock nearby to check the processing time. You should not exceed the recommended time. Other materials you will need are a bowl, a hair colouring brush, and it is best to do the process  in the bathroom.

After following the mixing instructions, apply the color evenly and ensure that all the desired hair is applied. Wipe off any color that has been mistakenly applied on the face or ears with a dry tissue. After checking the timer and getting contented with the outcome of the colour, wash off the color for three minutes. Condition the hair to replenish it with the lost moisture.

In case you are not confident that you can do it yourself  on your own, call a mobile hair dresser in London. He/ she will be readily available to colour your hair professionally with the best dye to suit you and give you a new look. Why not call a mobile hair dresser London today for that look you have always desired?