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We keep getting amazing reviews for our services in London, here below we share one for you to read:


How was the overall experience?  Kyoko was very professional and responded promptly to my whatsapp inquiry for a booking – it was so easy!

Was she punctual? She arrived on time with all hairdressing tools required including a cover up for my floor.

What did you need to do to accommodate the hairdresser? The only preparation required was to wash my hair. I expressed that I wanted an easy to maintain cut and loosely described what I wanted but mainly left the detail to her.

Describe your experience: During the haircut, Kyoko was very friendly but professional and was careful to ensure all hair cut fell onto the cover up. The cut included a blow dry which transformed the shape of my hair – I was very pleased with the result and it has been easy to replicate by myself. (Not as good as a professional blow dry but much better than my previous hair cut!)

In summary, I am extremely pleased with the result, and it was all so easy to arrange, and in the comfort of my own home.

Thank you!


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Review: Freelance hairdresser in London who comes to you

We continue to receive positive feedback from our London clients, like this one from Gemma. So if you’re looking for a great haircut in the comfort of your own home or office, give us a call!

Name: Gemma

Location: Kensington

Profession: Fashion Boutique Owner

Age: 34

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Have you used a mobile hairdresser before: No. I’d been using the same hairstylist for almost ten years, however, when she moved to a different salon on the other side of the city and I had to find someone new, one of my employees recommended your service.

Why you have chosen this service: I own my own small, boutique clothing store and typically spend at least ten hours a day there, leaving me little time for anything else.

I never seem to have time to make it to the salon, even when my previous hairstylist was just down the road, and when she moved, I struggled to find another stylist close to me that I liked. So when your mobile hairdressers in London were recommended to me, it sounded like the perfect solution, as I could get my hair cut and styled without ever having to leave the office!

Services: I have only taken advantage of the cut and blow-dry service, although one of my employees keeps raving about your colouring services.

Would you come back for more? Most definitely. Not only is your service incredibly handy, but the quality of your hairstylists is second to none. Whenever I call, I’m always able to get an appointment within a day or two, and my stylist always shows up on time and gives me an amazing cut in less than an hour. Still, I must say that one of the best parts about your service is the price, as it’s easily comparable to or even cheaper than many other London hairdressers, plus I can get it done at work. Truly the best hairdresser at home, and better than most traditional salons!


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Written by Serena Durham

Mobile hair stylist in Central London – Reviews

We continue to receive outstanding feedback from our satisfied customers, such as this one from Alice. After seeing just what our London mobile hairdressers can do for you, you’ll soon be raving about our services yourself.

Name: Alice W.

Location: Chelsea
Profession: Sales Executive
Age: 46

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Have you used a mobile hairdresser before: This was my first time trying a service such as this. In fact, I didn’t even know such a thing existed until one of my colleagues recommended your service after she heard me complaining again about my previous hairdresser. She guaranteed me you were the best hairdresser at home in all of the UK and now I tell all my friends the same thing.

Why you have chosen this service: Due to my hectic work schedule, which has me constantly travelling across the UK, I never felt like I had enough time to make it to the salon. After constantly having to cancel appointments and going for weeks, or even months without visiting a hairdresser to get my roots coloured in, I finally decided to give your mobile hairdresser a try, and let me say, I was more than impressed. After phoning you, I was able to immediately get an appointment for the next morning, and when the hairstylist arrived, she had all the tools and supplies she needed to give me a full colour, and then a quick cut and blow dry. She was super professional and in only two hours, she had me looking better than I had in years, without ever having to leave home!

Services: I typically get my hair coloured, as well as a cut and blow dry.

Would you come back for more? Of course! In fact, I’ve already been using your service exclusively for the past six months or so and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a standard hair salon. The price and convenience definitely makes you the best mobile hairdresser in London.

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Written by Serena Durham

5 great tips about choosing the right Mobile Hairdresser in London

5 tips on choosing the right mobile hairdresser in London

Written by Serena Durham  June 18th 2012

In this article you will learn the 5 most important tips for choosing the right mobile hairdresser. In today’s facebook era we are constantly on the go and it is very common for to not even have the time to eat lunch- let alone have the time to physically go to the hair dresser. Lucky for us mobile hairstylist are becoming more common and are willing to meet you at the comfort of your own home.
However before I go further in detail it’s important to define what exactly a mobile hairdresser is. A mobile hairstylist is a mobile hairdresser who typically works for themselves and visits the vast majority of their clients at their own homes, work places, or even at other agreed locations like a hotel. Now that you know exactly what a mobile hairstylist is look below for the top 5 tips on choosing your own.
Tip 1: Get Proof of their work

The first tip to choosing the right mobile hairdresser is to make sure to choose a professional mobile hairstylist that has testimonials and picture perfect proof of their work. This is very simple to obtain as the vast majority of professional stylist are very eager to show their results- after all it will make it easier for them to acquire your business.
Keep in mind that because of the internet it is fairly easy for an unscrupulous mobile hairdresser to steal testimonials and pictures another mobile hair stylist’s website. Because of this it is wise to make sure the overall tone of their portfolio pictures look somewhat similar. Hair styling is an art, and artist tends to stick to the same signature style.
Tip 2: Use a Mobile Hairdresser at the right time.

Use a mobile hairstylist if you work at home, are planning a celebration, or sleep at your place of work such as in the case of working for a start up. A mobile hairdresser is the perfect solution when your mobility is restricted to inconvenient work schedules or when you’re throwing a special party and what everyone to look their best. Your party goers will really appreciate it!

Tip 3: Know your expectations

Your mobile hairstylist will bring all the needed tools required for hairstyling treatments that may be chosen. A professional mobile hairdresser will bring scissors, combs , curling irons, blow dryers, gels shampoos, dyes and anything else needed to perform the desired style. Beware of any mobile hairdresser that expects you to provide the tools.

Tip 4. Make sure they look the part

You wouldn’t go to a dentist with bad teeth would you? Of course not so make sure your mobile hairstylist also looks the part. A professional mobile hairdresser should wear stylish clothing and present themselves with a nice, clean, modern hairstyle. A mobile hairdresser who cannot be bothered with his or her look, is not passionate enough about hair to work on yours.

Tip 5. Always Use a certified hairstylist

Just because a mobile hairdresser does not work in a salon does mean that they shouldn’t have the certifications of a hairstylist that does. Your mobile hairstylist should be able to produce an official certification from an accredited school when asked. Currently the UK national Vocational Qualification in Hairdressing also known as the NVQ is the only recognized qualification system. Make sure your mobile hairdresser is qualified.