Hair Stylist Review

Name: Richa

Location: North West London

Profession: PR Specialist

Age: 32

Nice Hair Band


Have you used mobile hairdresser services in the past: No. I usually go to the nearest hair salon when time permits; however, my preferred stylist no longer works there. Due to my hectic schedule, I was drawn to the convenient mobile services you offer. I can honestly say I am happy with the styling services I received from the comfort of my home.

Why you have chosen this service:As a Public Relations specialist, I have a tedious and time consuming schedule. This leaves me little to no time for area salons. Since I deal with countless clients and the public at large, I need to look my best at all times.

As a result, I chose your London mobile hairdressing services for the convenience that it offers. I received a trendy and fashionable haircut at home, and it was truly styled to perfection. I look and feel great and will definitely use your unique and cutting edge services again!

Services Rendered:The cut and blow-dry services were exactly what I was looking for. Your stylist was also knowledgeable on all the latest looks and hair designs. I will definitely request your colouring services the next time around

Will you use our hairdressing services again?

Absolutely! As I mentioned before, I love the convenience of having a professional hair cut from the comfort of my home or office. Your services were impeccable, and your rates simply cannot be beat. The stylist was also punctual, friendly, and offered a myriad of hair styling options and choices to select from. This is a great alternative to pricey hair salons, and I don’t have to worry about waiting in line for a barber or stylist anymore. I was also able to secure an appointment without any hassles or delays. Not only will I use your mobile London hairdresser services again, I will recommend your business to all my clients, loved ones and friends. Thanks so much!


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